Month: January 2014

Book covers for my sexy ebooks

Publishing my sexy stories is taking longer than I thought.

I can’t dedicate my life to it as it is not how I earn my living.

Even though they are already written they need to be double checked, re-edited and rewritten.

And covers need to be made.

In the next few days I hope to publish two stories if the covers come up to scratch.

It’s Photography but is is Art? — a short sexy story —

Many of us have fantasies about doing some kind of nude modelling perhaps for some art class where we will be required to sit still for hours whilst students we have never met will study us from behind their easel.


Perhaps the amateur photography club require a willing life model – that is the subject of another story in this series.


Perhaps we just want to pose nude for a one to one session with a professional or amateur photographer and see where it will lead.  Here we have the story for this book.

It’s Photography but is is Art? by HJ Perry is short bed time story.  Only available from Amazon and is available for free for those who  Amazon Prime subscribers can currently read it for free.

Find in on here  or on here.


Photography but is it Art?