Month: February 2014

Sorry about the mess here, I promise I’ll tidy up by the weekend!

At least I’ll try to and if I don’t get the vac out by then i may need to get a team of qualified cleaners in.

No I’m not talking about my house.

Yes I am writing about the look of this blog site.  I started redesigning, I made a mess and ran out of time to finish the job. Righ now we have an eyesore – OK I expect no one else will even read this!

If you do make it this far, well not only am I doing house keeping here but I am also now on twitter.  Speak to you soon.

Love & kisses

H xx

My Stripper Story!

Obviously I did not get the story of the stripper published before the 14th Feb.  It was written but simply just not good enough and I could not quite identify what was wrong with it – there was something missing.

My greatest creative inspiration is fuelled by have sex! Now I am full of what was wrong with the story and I know how to fix it so expect to see it on the Amazon virtual shelves in within the week.

A film for Valentines Day? – Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

With the unrelenting stormy weather persisting outside, as it has for about four months, and sickness among our family persisting within the house, as it has for about two weeks, my partner and I decided to postpone Valentines Day romance to a more convenient date in the future.  When you have been with each other for more than a decade and have a house full of children you can decide to shift these goal posts in a way that would be unacceptable when the love is in its infancy and at least one of the couple is still wearing rose-tinted spectacles.

By chance we both had the afternoon off work, cuddled up on the sofa and watched a film – all this is pretty rare in the day time any day of the week but especially on a Friday!

So to be honest we have had a nice Valentines day that was totally unplanned. We watched Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, which is just a crazy comedy, it had us laughing from start to finish.


In the pipeline for the week ahead, February 2014

I would love to get two more of my stories published within the next few days but that just depends on how many other things from real life interrupt the checking and book cover creation stages.  Let me tell you what you can look forward to:

1. There is the story of a woman with a burning ambition to be a stripper.  She is a guaranteed a very appreciative male audience.  It is a very sexy story that I enjoy greatly.  It is just the sort of story that is perfect to read out loud with your partner pre-foreplay.

2. Speaking of which, Valentines Day on 14th of Feb. I will be staying in and hope to be having far more fun of an intimate nature than those who are booking romantic restaurants.  Time permitting I will post my plans and hopes here on this blog.  The perfect night in for those on a tight budget, who want to enjoy their love life and perhaps are trapped at home due to childcare!

3. Back to my stories.  Soon to be published is a story I wrote several years ago – a Rom Com.  Not a sexy romp but a comedy written largely in the first person from the view point of a husband and wife whose sexy life has disappeared and so they seek sex elsewhere.  But they still love each other and wish things were as they were.  I think everyone in a long term relationship must be able to identify with with the thoughts of the two characters.  Secret Affairs Dot Com will be available from Smashwords and ALL ebook stores not just Amazon.

All three of these could be available within the next five days but that totally depends what my week throws at me.  I have to contend with my family and the work that pays me real money.

The Elite Ladies Pleasure Parlour or Parlor?

Perhaps I should have chosen a different title for this – if I am hoping for an international audience is it wise to have titles that are in my English?

The story is very short but I don’t like to put too many words in their simply to pad it out and increase the word count, I’ve said exactly what wants to be said here.  I guess it is not really a story, it is just the description of one brief encounter.

I describe what a brothel for elite women might be like, but in a society where only women can provide those services.  That’s how I imagine it, what do you think it could be like?

Now, whether you are gay or straight, where are the men?

Many of my stories reflect the way I think about things and I do find my brain works towards tales of the unexpected.  My starting point is often what if there were no men, or what if the majority were gay and being straight was taboo, or what if…, what if things were  just very different.

What if we read a story or a married woman, we assume she is married to a man but, of course, it could be a woman.

Amazon Prime members can read about the Ladies Pleasure Parlour for free.  In addition I expect I will be writing about it again.  This short story is actually a segment from a full length novel that I am currently writing.