Month: March 2014

Remember the Bad Old Days… Sexual Repression & Censorship

I have just been taking a trip down memory lane reading an article from the new Porn Studies journal that explained to younger readers and reminded me just how repressive the environment was back in 1980s and 1990s.  

Revisiting dirty looks by

Pamela Church Gibson & Neil Kirkham


The sort of images/films that are easily available now were illegal.  

I knew of people who were sent to PRISON for things you wouldn’t believe – like holding a private party where people could have sex, group sex or sex in front of other consenting adults who were also at that private party.  Sex was definitely something that was to only take place if no more than 2 people were present.  There were jokes about “wife swapping parties” frequently in mainstream TV programmes but who would have thought those parties were illegal?

Films showing real sex acts could not be bought and sold legally until 1999 – can you imagine that. 

There are lots of interesting points in the article: such as in those days people would watch a whole porn film that had a script, whereas now people more often watch short clips – apparently – how do they know this?

Pornography means the Writing of Whores…

apparently, ancient Greeks must have not had the words for express the idea of films and photos of people having sex.

Many times I’ve talked to people about Porn’ to discover they think it is hard core stuff they don’t like.

Films of adults having sex? “That’s not porn that’s erotica.” They say.

I am currently reading Porn Studies the first edition of a new academic journal.

For a while it will be free to read online/ download here:

No sexy stories in there though.

A word of support for the protest AGAINST the launch of “Stop Porn Culture”

Sorry for double negatives in the title.

“Stop Porn Culture” (SPC) a conference in London, UK on Sat 15th March where international feminists will gather to discuss how they might like to bring down the porn industry because of the harm it does to women.  Those attending take the view that:

“all pornography is harmful and has detrimental effects.  Pornography is misogynistic in its production and consumption.  The goal of this anti-porn conference is to explore how to build materials and programs to combat porn. We are coming together to develop a broad coalition of feminist organizations to organize together against the sex industry.”

The general public could be misled to believe that the anti-porn stance is the only possible feminist point of view.

A former porn star puts the alternative viewpoint very well:  writes here why


As for the protesters aim to draw attention to different feminist views on the pornography issue that are also perfectly valid and that support women working within the porn industry.

SPC portray all women working within porn as degraded victims raped in the course of their work.  They deny that women can positively choose to take their clothes off and perform as they do.

The protest organised by Sex & Censorship take issue with many points chiefly:

  • no to more  censorship
  • SPC patronise women in the porn industry calling them oppressed victims. instead of listening to what they have to say – its a job they have freely chosen.  

You can read an article by the founder of Sex & censorship here.

And for balance here is Gail Dines on the SPC view

I see M Peacock of the important pornography legal case will also be part of the protest.  His case tested the current law on pornography in this country, thankfully common sense won.

For my part I am against censorship and I m pro-pornography.

Of course, I am against women or any people being forced to be involved in its production against their will but there are already laws in place for that.

Finally if you don’t like it then don’t read/watch it.

I don’t understand the Feminist Anti-Porn Point Of View

I grew up in the 1970s and even as a child I rejected so much of what my mum told me (and still tells me)

  • women can’t do these jobs
  • women need a husband to be the main bread winner
  • and to keep a husband you will have to cook, launder and iron his clothes
  • etc, etc… old fashioned, outdated view of gender roles…

Obviously I mean cook for him, not cook his clothes!

I am pleased to say great battles for equality were taking place and the principles of equality and equal pay were won.  The garden isn’t all rosy now but things have certainly changed.

I called myself a feminist way back but when it came to porn I found myself in a difficult place.

I loved sex and porn.  Not all porn. But the porn that I like, the stuff that turns me on.  And there was a lot NOT to like.

The earliest porn that turned me on, were stories in something like Forum Magazine (perhaps it was Forum Magazine), some of the stories in the “Top Shelf” Men’s Mags and just occasionally some of the pictures too.

But most of the stuff from back then did not have that effect – it was not supposed to, it was made for men, not me. And it made me feel uncomfortable because it  was made by men who were the same generation as my mum.  Those same sexist views, stereotypes and sexism were part of the content.

But remember, sexism wasn’t just in porn, it was part of all of the content around us.  It was how we were brought up by our mothers, it was reflected in TV programmes, toys, schools, it was simply the society we lived in.  I think porn was just reflecting  society.

In my life I noticed the biggest shift in society in the 1990’s.  I can’t help thinking shoulder pads were very big in 1990 and had gone by 1999, I never would have predicted that.

Today, of course, there is so much sexually stimulating material made for women.  Call it erotica if you like.

  • Erotica is what we like and porn is what we don’t like. No that’s not the definition.

Many people who comment negatively describe porn as all one thing but now there are so many types to chose from with amateur made porn being very popular – real people making available their home-made sex films containing real orgasms/ photos/ stories.

Downloading erotic stories to my e-reader:  If it is intended to get you going and it is a story (no pictures) it is still porn, i.e. material intended for that purpose.

As a feminist AND someone who did a degree in sociology in the 1980s I have real a lot of feminists putting the case for anti-porn and I don’t understand it.

For a time in the 1980s I wasn’t sure where I stood.  It just seemed wrong to like porn and it was largely taboo to admit it.

Why did it seem wrong? perhaps because of context: made for a male audience within an old-fashioned sexist society. And perhaps I was also shackled by old-fashioned views of women and sexuality.

What has changed?

Here in the UK sexism still permeates society but things are much improved and when it comes to sexuality there is much more enlightenment.  Things aren’t perfect but they are nothing like how they were 40 years ago.

Today I can understand why some people object to certain types of erotic material, there is an argument for getting rid of page 3 or removing “Lads Mags” from supermarkets – I’m not saying I agree, but I am saying I can understand there is a good case there.


I don’t understand the feminist total anti-porn stance in this century.  Do those women have sex?

A couple of more detailed articles on the subject are here:

Stuart of Scotish Socialist Youth:

Despite giving the definition that includes the written word, anything designed to turn you on, this article seems to focus on the stuff which involves real actors or models.  And it is this type of erotic material refered to in the comments that follow.  A good introduction to the subject.


Christine Blackthorne

for a very different point of view.


Lingam Massage Lessons

A new short story Is about to be published on Smashwords, will be available from Amazon later today and will be with all good ebook stores soon.

Lingam Massage Lessons is about a class for learning the best penis massage techniques attended by six ladies all with different reasons for being there.

I am hoping to get the sequel to this published by the end of the week so watch out for that if you want more of the same…