Remember the Bad Old Days… Sexual Repression & Censorship

I have just been taking a trip down memory lane reading an article from the new Porn Studies journal that explained to younger readers and reminded me just how repressive the environment was back in 1980s and 1990s.  

Revisiting dirty looks by

Pamela Church Gibson & Neil Kirkham


The sort of images/films that are easily available now were illegal.  

I knew of people who were sent to PRISON for things you wouldn’t believe – like holding a private party where people could have sex, group sex or sex in front of other consenting adults who were also at that private party.  Sex was definitely something that was to only take place if no more than 2 people were present.  There were jokes about “wife swapping parties” frequently in mainstream TV programmes but who would have thought those parties were illegal?

Films showing real sex acts could not be bought and sold legally until 1999 – can you imagine that. 

There are lots of interesting points in the article: such as in those days people would watch a whole porn film that had a script, whereas now people more often watch short clips – apparently – how do they know this?

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