NANO project and non linear writing

I’ve joined the nano community to focus on getting a novel done.  As you know writing smut is not the main way I earn a living but I have cleared most of my other work diary (the joys of being self employed, though it does mean no income).

The aim is a first draft of a novel within a month.  My novel should be just over 50,000s and today I have just short of 15,000 words stored in that folder on google docs.

You might think I’m not even half way through the story.

No. I think of myself like a spider weaving a web, I can go and do one part when it suits me and another part when so inspired.  I have written a few thousand words that go very near the end.

Apart from the chunk that goes at the end I have written up to possibly half way through the story but with lots of bits missed out and this morning I just started writing what might be the first page.

Back to it now.

Possible opening paragraphs have been written and posted as excerpt on my page, nano registered writers can read here:

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