Where to publish my debut Erotic Romance Dystopian novel?

Revision editing of my depute novel is almost completed. The first in a series I am calling Matriarchy & Corruption.  I had thought of self publishing but am now considering submitting directly to publishers. It is erotic romance, with a huge dose of dystopia (speculative science fiction).

I had planned on self publishing and that is always an option but I am considering submitting it to other publishers. These are on my list (in no particular order):

Sinful Press: A new publisher with experience in different genre.  My book doesn’t quite reach the 60k word count required but it might by the time editing has finished.  The downside may be that currently they are only looking for F/M pairing whereas another in the series has M/M romance.

House of Erotica: They publish collections of short stories, novellas and novels (over 50k). They have some interesting calls for short stories right now.

Carina Press: Part of Harlequin 50,000 min word count.

Totally Bound: 10-100k words. A wide range of categories including a new “Alternative Reality” description on their website.

Loose-id 20k words upwards, with advance on 55k+

Samhain Publishing 12k upwards

Revenue share is not the only thing to take into consideration. Marketing? Would they be interested in the series? Editing? Cover? Rights? (Only 2 years with TB, 3 years with Li, 6 years with HoE, 5 years SF, SP 7 years)  Contracts are negotiable… So many things to consider…

Then there is also print version I need to consider, some of these publishers are interested in print, ebooks and audio.

Finally, I do keep an eye on Erotic Readers & Writers website, one to watch for new calls… and they list a whole load of additional ebook publishers and publishers of LGBTQ romance.

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