Debut Dystopia Novel Epiphany

Last night I went to bed with my 50,000 word romance novel almost finished.  Well it is finished, I have written The End. I have almost completed the second draft and editing. I though two more days and I’d be ready to reveal my mater piece.

This morning I realised I have not got a finished romance novel at all. 😦

I have two half written books instead.

Many silver linings to this cloud.

1. I noticed the BIG errors in the way I had put the work together without wasting my time submitting this to publishing houses, etc.

2. I might not have one book finished but I do like what I’ve written and by shuffling up the chapters it means I’m more than halfway on two related books set in the same dystopian universe (I think I’ve about 75,000 words written towards the two books and I was aiming at 50k each).

Are you wondering what was the problem? Let me tell you anyway.

There is a dystopian world in my head, it has been there a very long time, years, so I know it really well. My first book (the one I thought was almost finished) is essentially a M/F erotic romance set in that world. I have other stories in my mind also set in that world focusing on different characters and with F/F and M/M relationships.  There are also elements of corruption with the dystopia, problems that become apparent within the stories and the characters have to find their own way through these challenges.

The problem is that in my head I have many characters and stories.  Today I realised that there is too much of another character’s story spilling into the finished book when it actually belongs in the one that is half written.  I don’t want to call it a sequel because the events take place within the same time frame.

I’ve been watching the Saw Films, if you have seen them and had to look up what on earth Saw 4 was all about (as I did) then you might understand I got a bit lost in the complexity of it all.

Thing is I love my characters and the story but I need to pull it apart to make it work (for readers, it works fine in my head).

OK. Now to take down the Xmas decorations and then I’m going to write a new plan so I can bring both books to completion.

should i rephrase that?

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