My First Novel

After surgery to remove stuff that didn’t belong there and some additional words my “nano” F/M romance in post apocalyptic dystopia novel currently rests at 44,000.  Including “The End”.  I was aiming for over 50k and I’m not 100% happy with it so I’m just considering options:

1. Work flat out on it for the next few day.

2. Work on something else for a few days then come back see how I feel.

At least this one is in the shape of a finished novel, which is quite an achievement.

The other one is currently 30,000 words and nowhere near finished.  There’s loads in my head that I haven’t even noted down so I hope I don’t forget these brilliant ideas. In fact, notes, that is what I should do today.

Related short stories

I also have two short stories in progress from these novels.  Stories or points of view that did not fit in to the novels.  so overall the progress of written words about my world is going well and it may be that they all end up being published around the same time.

Currently written about the Matriarch Dystopia approx: 80,000 words.

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