Month: February 2015

#EWBD and late night reading

I’m feeling the pain now. Last night is catching up with me.

I sat up until too late o’clock reading a first draft by my friend on the other side of the world, Adria Kane. AK is working on a terrific SF erotic short story. Now I feel a bit too tired to function 😩 Might feel better after fried breakfast 🙂

I also wanted to say something about Erotic World Book Day, which is one week away. There is an anthology being published in aid of charity. There is Facebook Party, with over ÂŁ1,000 of free give-away prizes. There will be saucy extracts shared and photo’s too, It is at 7pm UK time on FB.

Other people have already said more so why don’t I just kink you to their blogs:

and for prize details and more info:

Dirty Sexy Words 4 in Croydon at the Bad Apple

On a dark and windy night some intrepid men and women with dirty minds braved the weather to travel to DSW4.

Great night was had by all.

I think Becky Fury stole the show with her performance poetry – watch out for her if you get the chance.

I was thrilled to meet Kristina Lloyd, author of the much acclaimed book I’m reading right now, Undone.

I caught up with Zak Jane Keir (we’ve actually known each other since early 1990s and seems like yesterday).

I got a print copy of Spring In My Step & signed by author. AND I’m very excited about the forthcoming Who Thrilled Cock Robin anthology inspired by folk music edited by Rogers and due out in April, not least because she likes the story I submitted!

I digress… also present L.C. Wilkinson, author of Rapture  She read a little and said all the right things that made me remember why I had her books on my wish list.


And Jillian Boyd of Lady Laid Bare

And Charlie Forest, he doesn’t think much of the rope work in that film (you know the one released with all the hype this month).

After declaring that I like to read/think/write about people having sex with (lots of) strangers, I read the first two pages of the first short story in Nothing Personal, a collection of stories deliberately short for reading with a partner (at least that is what I do with erotica). What I read can be seen in the free Amazon preview of the book.

The venue is beautiful, worth commenting on, perfect atmosphere. Sound quality was good BUT if i could change one thing then it would be a long cable to the micophone. I’m not shy, I like to get up close to the audience and it seemed we were just so far away.

Some of the best M/M Gay erotic romance fiction… my suggestions for Erotic World Book Day

I’ve liked reading gay romance since, forever. Now it seems to be fashionable, which means there’s a lot of it about.

For those who have never thought about reading gay romance (perhaps because you are not a gay man) let me share a few of my thoughts as to why it is worth considering.

Firstly, I read kids books but I’m an adult; I read fantasy books even though I know magic, wizards and dragons are not real; in the 1990s I read Wild Swans even though I’m not Chinese and have never been to China; I read the Hitchikers Guide to Galaxy even though I’m unlikely to leave this planet. We read fiction for fun and to take us to places or in to the lives of characters that we simply do not experience in our daily lives, fiction is not who we are.

There will be many reason some people like M/M fiction: for the great sex, for the romance (often stories of forbidden love), or just because some are great stories written by excellent authors. A few of the things I like is that often in M/M fiction strangers go straight for sex without all the talking and getting to know each other that seems to be required when women are in the story. I also like that there is gender equality between the characters.

I like F/M sex in fiction, and in reality, but I am also aware of persistent, inequality, sexism and misogyny that persists and this can spoilt my enjoyment of this sort of fantasy.

If you are new to reading M/M then this is my list of where to start reading: some of the very best authors IMHO.

Anything written or co-authored by ** Aleksandr Voinov will be good. I associate his name with exceptionally good writing and amazing stories, and so many of his books would be up there with the Harry Potter books in my list of best books ever. The first part of Dark Soul is free, you can then buy it in sections or just buy the complete collection as better value.

** Cat Grant is an excellent author or contemporary M/M fiction, another on my automatic buy all books list. She is offering a couple of her books free for the run up to Erotic World Book Week:

Once a Marine is Free on itunes here:

and the Courtland Chronicles books 1 to 3 here:

Keira Andrews is yet another amazing writer. I’m booking a day off work to read the third in her Amish trilogy when it is published (soon) you would do well to start with book 1:A Forbidden Rumspringa  but my personal favourite by this author is Semper Fi

I can’t not mention prolific Brit writer Lucy Felthouse. A wild imagination, she writes all sorts of stuff (I can identify with that) I particularly liked her M/M & F/M romance story that doesn’t fit the traditional mold for romance books : Pack of Lies

and … there are so many more but I’ve run out of time now… I promise to add more xxx


Update my short story At Last is a quick, light, read.

My story Arrival, preorder here:

is available for pre-order, will be delivered to your kindle on 30th Movember 2015. It is dystopian speculative fiction. M/M romance with a happy ending.

December will see the launch of “Slave Wars” (provisional date 11th Dec 2015). Alpha warrior heroes, nerdy scientists, sex crazy aliens. Everything I want to read in an M/M romance.

A very short story challenge…

I set myself the challenge of keeping my stories at not much longer than 2,000 words for my Nothing Personal collection because I think it is an ideal length for reading with a partner in bed.

It is quite a challenge, however, to write such a short story, where every phrase has to be essential to the story.

I am currently working on a story for an anthology where the absolute maximum word count per author is 2,000 words and frankly I couldn’t do my idea justice with so few words. Fortunately, via the wonders of the web, I am friends with a like-minded writer on the other side of the world who can collaborate with me on this story.

What a stroke of luck. It’s not just me there is at least one other person in the world who is interested in writing erotic speculative fiction, in which women are assertive and celebrate their sexuality. My friend and I also like to write funny. We haven’t finished this story yet so it may turn out to be pants but I’m quite excited about it.

If it works you will be able to read it soon.

At 11pm my time I will be in bed and my partner will be having lunch and looking over what I’ve written. When I get up, sometime before 6am, I’ll be able to see how much further on we are.

Hopefully 24 hours from now it will be done…

Totally Bound announce a new publishing house: PRIDE PUBLISHING


Because two men are better than one!

Here is the announcement from Totally Bound, about the launch of their new publishing house dedicated to LGBTQ fiction.

Our flagship publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing, has been offering Erotic Romance books for eight years, working with more than 400 authors, and releasing six – nine books per week. We are a leader of erotic romance fiction in Europe and intend to keep expanding on that. Totally Bound Publishing will always be the Home of Erotic Romance and continue to publish the best quality Erotic Romance Fiction. 2015 sees the birth of three new publishing houses: Finch Books, Pride Publishing and Evidence Press, diversifying and expanding the group.


Our plan is to launch each house in fairly quick succession during the year, starting with Pride Publishing with a hopeful date of February/March. The main reason for this is to separate out our gay fiction from Totally Bound, leaving that to focus

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