A very short story challenge…

I set myself the challenge of keeping my stories at not much longer than 2,000 words for my Nothing Personal collection because I think it is an ideal length for reading with a partner in bed.

It is quite a challenge, however, to write such a short story, where every phrase has to be essential to the story.

I am currently working on a story for an anthology where the absolute maximum word count per author is 2,000 words and frankly I couldn’t do my idea justice with so few words. Fortunately, via the wonders of the web, I am friends with a like-minded writer on the other side of the world who can collaborate with me on this story.

What a stroke of luck. It’s not just me there is at least one other person in the world who is interested in writing erotic speculative fiction, in which women are assertive and celebrate their sexuality. My friend and I also like to write funny. We haven’t finished this story yet so it may turn out to be pants but I’m quite excited about it.

If it works you will be able to read it soon.

At 11pm my time I will be in bed and my partner will be having lunch and looking over what I’ve written. When I get up, sometime before 6am, I’ll be able to see how much further on we are.

Hopefully 24 hours from now it will be done…

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