Dirty Sexy Words 4 in Croydon at the Bad Apple

On a dark and windy night some intrepid men and women with dirty minds braved the weather to travel to DSW4.

Great night was had by all.

I think Becky Fury stole the show with her performance poetry – watch out for her if you get the chance.

I was thrilled to meet Kristina Lloyd, author of the much acclaimed book I’m reading right now, Undone.

I caught up with Zak Jane Keir (we’ve actually known each other since early 1990s and seems like yesterday).

I got a print copy of Spring In My Step & signed by author. AND I’m very excited about the forthcoming Who Thrilled Cock Robin anthology inspired by folk music edited by Rogers and due out in April, not least because she likes the story I submitted!

I digress… also present L.C. Wilkinson, author of Rapture  She read a little and said all the right things that made me remember why I had her books on my wish list.

Blogger http://innocentloverboy.blogspot.co.uk/

And Jillian Boyd of Lady Laid Bare

And Charlie Forest, he doesn’t think much of the rope work in that film (you know the one released with all the hype this month).

After declaring that I like to read/think/write about people having sex with (lots of) strangers, I read the first two pages of the first short story in Nothing Personal, a collection of stories deliberately short for reading with a partner (at least that is what I do with erotica). What I read can be seen in the free Amazon preview of the book.

The venue is beautiful, worth commenting on, perfect atmosphere. Sound quality was good BUT if i could change one thing then it would be a long cable to the micophone. I’m not shy, I like to get up close to the audience and it seemed we were just so far away.

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