The Highlights of the Erotic World Book Day Party … & it’s not over!

I laughed so much, there were tears rolling down my face and my whole body was shaking on my seat. I thought I might wake up my sleeping family.

I was attending an online party for Erotic World Book Day #ewbd when Anna Sky shared a link to what must be the strangest post coital ritual ever and a highly hilarious discussion about it.

Do you (or the man/men) in your life dunk your penis in a penis beaker when all the action is over? Have you got a penis beaker?

I could never summarize and do justice to the 1000+ comments on mumsnet, See them here:

Sit down for a long read and prepare to laugh until it hurts!

After that.

Go and Buy the charity anthology or read it for FREE if you are into Kindle Unlimited

read it then write a review for Amazon or/and your blog.

jpg Intimate Education book cover HJP

Post a link to your review on the Facebook Erotic World book day Party Event Page here

or tweet it with the hash tag #EWBD

In order to be entered into a competition for a load of amazing prizes, delivered discreetly to your home.

If you visit the Facebook Party page you can read the many funny and interesting comments from the party too. Well worth scrolling down. There were links and recommendations for great erotic books and special offers.

Finally the whole #EWBD 2015 event was focused on sex education, awareness and fund raising. The fundraising hasn’t stopped.

Brook Donate

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