My Review of An Intimate Education charity anthology. 

An ebook of erotica shorts sold in aid of Sex Education charity Brook

Should you buy the book? Yes it is a good book, the money goes to charity and you get 21 stories from loads of different authors.

But it here

or here:

I wanted to write about the charity anthology but have found it exceptionally tough to do so. I’m not good at writing book reviews at the best of times, it is one of the many skills I do not have. With that in mind, I usually take the approach of just listing my top favourite stores in any anthology but it was tough here because there are so many stories and they are so diverse.

For one thing, some are mostly sex, with the story told with through the sex scene but in others the story is the lead up to sex with very little detail on the page. There are all combinations of M and F pairings and lots with BDSM themes.

Obviously, reading is subjective so my favourites won’t be everyone. I do like humour and I like things that mess with gender expectations or behaviour hence my top two stories, revealled below.

But before that my confession. I really don’t generally go for stories involving submissive women or spanking. There are exceptions, of course, but generally I don’t seek out such stories so those will not be among my personal favourites no matter how much other people like them.

So. There are spanking and stories with BDSM themes in the collection, which might be more your cup of tea but do not figure the list of stories that stayed with me for days after reading them for the first time.

Here goes.

Leaving aside the brilliant story co-written by Adria Kane and myself 🙂 then easily my two favourites were:

It’s Simple by Madeline Moore A heart-warming story about gender identity.

The Perfect Crime by Oleander Plumbe a very funny office sex in the photocopying room that I can certainly relate to.

I can’t offer you a top three because there were too many good contenders for third place. Such as

The Letter By Kay Jaybee

An F/M story from the man’s point of view written in a letter to his wife. The story was simple but something extra special about the way it was written conveyed great love and emotion behind the words.

And then there are these delights that offer so much straight hard cock action:

  • In the Frame by Lucy Felthouse
  • The Augury of Her Innocence by Charlotte Howard
  • Ditto by A M Hartnett

And more with an F/F theme to make you sit up and concentrate:

  • Sarah Isn’t fitting In by Vanessa de Sade
  • Learning Curves by Emily Dubberley

Inevitably, I haven’t even commented on most of the stories in the book. It would be difficult for me to do them all justice but I feel I can say they are all well written and there is something for everyone.

intimate education png

Finally I may as well tell you about the story I co-wrote with Adria Kane. What might it be like at some point in the future when budget sexual services are sold to women. Women might go for a quickie, “an orgasm in a box” for the same price as lunch. We had some debate as to who (what gender) would be providing the service and if you like the concept I would encourage you to image your own scenario with who ever you want being the orgasm giver.

Women’s sexuality in futuristic societies are something that both of us are very interested in and write about often. I know Adria is working on an exciting story right now that may appeal to those interested in these SF themes.

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