The Bisexual Oral Appreciation Society – is it real?

I don’t think it is but I’m having such fun writing about it…

here is an excerpt, it might not remain quite like this in the final version.

“To achieve full membership of the group, Heather had to demonstrate her commitment to oral sex with many people at the monthly meetings of the Bisexual Oral Appreciation Society. Oral sex with people of both genders and both receiving and giving. Perhaps the best thing about joining a secret society, however, must be undergoing the ritualistic initiation ceremony…” by HJP March 2015

The final short story will be a little over 10,000 words and first draft /edits finished this week. Edits might go on next week too.

Then the ultimate question: to self publish or not to self publish?

One comment

  1. That’s a hard one. Once I would have said self publish but it’s a lot hard getting stories the visibility they need to do well. It is a great concept and needs to see the light of day!.

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