Erotic Stories and Folk Music

I must assure you that I am still alive and well as It has been ages since my last blog posting. In fact, through April I doubted if I’d ever sit at this desk again. I was treading a fine path between feeling a little delicate and being doubled over in pain. I was suffering a mystery ailment that I was sure meant the end of days. Husband had as good as spend the life insurance money with an “every cloud has a silver lining” mentality, it kept us both smiling, when I suddenly recovered. As sudden as it can be, a few days AFTER the extended course of antibiotics expired.

Great I could drink alcohol again and the end of celibacy was in sight; we didn’t have sex for the whole calendar month (well, not together anyway).

Some good things happened in April.

I couldn’t sit at a desk but I read loads of fiction.

And a short story of mine appeared in print! Broadstairs Bloke week

It is available from all the usual places to download or buy in print as part of the anthology inspired by folk music: Who Thrilled Cock Robin and edited by that well known Morris Dancer Sallyanne Rogers.

who thrilled cock robin pic

Whilst I was sitting around in April there was more good news. Another of my short stories was accepted for an anthology to be published next year.

Now I need to be disciplined as I’ve so many half completed, almost finished and just started writing projects on my drive and I’d really like to get some more into the done and dusted folder.

At the weekend I’m off to Smut – a gathering of like-minded readers and writers. It will be fun. in

Scarborough Library

I’ll be reading an extract from my newly published story and gathering autographs.

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