Dirty Sexy Words Solstice Slam

First off thanks must go to the Zak who set up the event and kicked off the night reading from her novella Spring in My Step. A 5* contemporary romance set in the world of Morris Dancing!

Secondly I wanted to pay a special tribute to Anna Sky who read brilliantly. Firstly she read a few hundred words she had written that day, followed by something from one of her books. I know she had been rehearsing so let it be known that her articulation was clearly, well paced with good pauses and variation in pitch. I particularly enjoyed the first piece, which she read from her phone (a skill that always impresses me). For the second extract she produced her annotated notes in huge font, firmly secured to her clip board, what a marvellous idea! 🙂

We were also entertained by

And I really do mean entertained. Everyone read things that were fascinating and made us laugh.

Amidst it all I read an abridged extract from my finished but unpublished short story, A Close Encounter.

There was the usual books to be bought, beer to be drunk and chatting to be done.

Jillian and I celebrated together, as we both have a story in the forthcoming i-Lover anthology. I’m looking forward to reading hers, as she is an excellent writer.

One comment

  1. Thank you. You didn’t mention my bare feet or drunken gait either…damn, just dropped myself in it 😉

    Seriously though, it was great fun and I loved all of the readings and cup cakes. I can’t wait to read your finished piece, you’ll have to make sure to let us know who the lucky publisher is!

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