Terminator Genisys

I’ve seen the new Terminator film. For anyone who doesn’t know, I think T1 & T2 are among the best films ever made and I’ve watched them many times, including within the past week.


I also really like T3 and T4 and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. It is difficult to call this new film T5 because it is really number 2, following on from 1 and creating a new time line. You can call it Genisys, I might call it Alternative T2, or just AT2.

I can’t say it as good as T2, but that was an exceptional film. I can say Genisys is a really good exciting film with lots of funny lines, new lines and all our old favourites. The recreated scenes from T1 were a joy to watch, a homage to a great film. And all in all I think it is a real treat for fans who know T1 & T2 too well. I think it won’t make much sense to those who have not seen those films.

There were things I didn’t like about the film. I don’t want that to happen to John Connor!

The single most annoying thing, well, I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet. Near the end of the film, SF fans will all be expecting something to happen as a logical consequence of the changing of history. It happens in other SF stories, we are expecting it… Each time there are changes in history there should be a change in the future. John Conor has to be conceived in 1984 and born 9 months later otherwise he won’t be in the right time, place and age to send Kyle back. And if Kyle doesn’t get sent back from dystopia then he won’t meet Sarah and John will not exist. Genysis doesn’t stick with these logical truths, perhaps it all hangs together when the next two films are made. And there may be more of a clue in the extended version.

Finally, it you leave as soon as the credits start you will miss the clue that there will be another terminator film.

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