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Truth is, I always wanted to be a dictator

I’m not writing a blog today, I’m speaking it! I’ve just downloaded Dragon Naturally after it was recommended by many writers.

You’d think dictating your words directly without having to type them would be so much easier, the words would just flow but I’m not finding that. I think it’s because typing is slower than speaking, it probably engages a different part of the brain, and the process of typing gives me time to think about what is coming next.

On the other hand, it’s probably more likely to be simply that I’m just getting used to this new way of working and I absolutely love it. I’ve only just started using Dragon I’m less than 12 hours in.

By the wonder of this simple technology I have simply spoken these words and they’ve appeared in this WordPress page but I’m going to edit it the old-fashioned with my keyboard and my fingers I like to use my fingers sometimes.

One problem is that there is now a Dragon toolbar at the top of the screen sitting on top of some of my tabs in chrome, it’s getting in my way. Perhaps I get used to it, or open less tabs and more new windows. Or, if anyone with experience of using Dragon Naturally Version 13 has a different solution I’d be pleased to hear.

I thought I’d add some more information about my use of the Dragon. I’m using Dragon premium version 13 and I’ve downloaded the Dragon microphone app to my phone so that I can use my phone as a microphone.

More useful though, and the bit I’m really excited about, is downloading the Dragon Recorder App. I can use this to record something on my phone, anywhere I happen to be, then download it to my computer and have it transcribed before my very eyes. How useful and amazing is that! How have I lived this long without using such a thing?

BDSM erotica inspired by folk song, The Female Highwayman

My True Love’s Ring by Zak Jane Keir is the final story to feature in this series of blogs about Who Thrilled Cock Robin.

It has a contemporary setting. It touches on the subject of changing sexuality, what our friends think of us, and a partner’s resolve to be faithful is tested.

I love this story, it was hot and sexy but a compelling read that was not predictable. I can’t say it is better than the others in the anthology because they are so different, you can’t compare them. The collection is not one that serves up 8 lots of very similar stuff.

[And nothing wrong with those that do that – When I’m in the mood for an M/M alpha-shifter story I have enjoyed feasting on 8 of them in a row.]

Zak’s website is under major reconstruction but I’ll slip it in here when done. in the mean time I can tell you that she has an impressive history as a published writer of erotic fiction and articles about sex and sexuality (mostly in magazines) stretching back to… a very long time ago.

Like most of us she juggles many roles but among other things she works as a freelance editor for people writing blogs, factual articles or fiction of any length with very reasonable rates. You can contact her at Zak Jane Keir: and among her testimonials I see Peter Birch says, “I hire Zak because her mind is nearly as filthy as mine.” 

Her most recent Femdom novel Black Heart is highly acclaimed and you can find an excerpt on the CaraSutra site here.

You can also meet her at the FREE monthly erotic reading slam in Croydon known as Dirty Sexy Words. I might be there too.

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Story inspired by Child Ballad 35 Alison Gross

“The Wyrm” is in the anthology inspired by folk songs Who Thrilled Cock Robin. An eclectic bunch of stories, some contemporary an overtly erotic some set in way back times. The Wyrm is one of the fantasy /paranormal tales.
I asked the author Julia Kaye about how she came to write it:
I’m not a big folk music fan, I stumbled upon the story of Alison Gross (Child Ballad # 35) many years ago, while reading the book Castles by Alan Lee.  I’ve always thought there was something vaguely erotic about it, and eventually wrote the short story “The Wyrm” using it as inspiration.

I may write another story, this one inspired by “Young Beichan,” Child Ballad #53.  It has lots of BDSM potential!

I think there is scope for a sequel to this anthology, a great theme with so much source material for writers to choose from. Tomorrow I will conclude this series of posts on Who Thrilled Cock Robin (available as paperback & ebook).

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Widicombe Woods, a story inspired by a folk song, by Vanessa De Sade

The very first story in Who Thrilled Cock Robin is inspired by the modern song Widicombe Fair by Max Scratchmann and Michael Dyer.

Whilst I was at Broadstairs Folk week the author Vanessa De Sade was at the Edinburgh Festival but she found time to tell me about her story:

A couple of my more theatrical friends had written a traditional folk song about a girl in a wood going out to take her own life rather than be forced into a marriage she didn’t want, and, me being me, immediately saw the erotic possibilities in the triangle. 

Rather than her have a male lover in the wings, I saw her more as a girl’s girl, and hen that made wonder if her groom to be might be someone who also liked his own sex.  Being sufficiently aroused by now (keep your sniggers to yourselves, I’m talking ideas) it wasn’t long before a story was born!

That is exactly the sort of story line that appeals to me too! I like the way she thinks!

Vanessa is an established author of erotica who likes to explore and push boundaries (my kind of writer). You will have no problem finding her fiction in ebook stores.

Her website is: Short Fiction by Vanessa De Sade

This is one of a series of posts about the  stories in Who Thrilled Cock Robin, so look at my previous posts for more and there will be a further two next week.

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Broadstairs Bloke Week inspired by folk song: The Daemon Lover also known as The House Carpenter

I thought I’d turn attention to my own story today. Broadstairs Bloke Week is obviously inspired by the festival in the Kent Town. I knew I wanted to write something contemporary and funny set at a folk music festival.

My story was inspired by (but not based on) The Daemon Lover also known as The House Carpenter, it is not a retelling of this story but picks up on some of the themes: two lovers,  social standing, the carpenter, poverty and free choice.

The song is about a woman who has to choose between her carpenter husband and child or a wealthy lover.


“If I forsake my house carpenter

And come away with thee

What have you got to maintain me upon

And keep me from poverty?”

On the one hand lyrics like these can be about romance, fidelity and ethics but there is a political aspect. Through history poverty frequently motivates people to seek betterment and security through marriage, women have particularly needed to marry for money and often had to sacrifice a lot because of this. It comes down to power and the distribution of wealth and resources…

That brings me on to the subject of folk music.

I like two things:

  • live bands playing lots of instruments, that always impresses me,
  • political songs, folk music has a great tradition of rebellious music.

I attended one of the last ever gigs by  Chumbawamba at Broadstairs Folkweek a few years back and saw the other artists who are part of the same political song writing cooperative, No Masters.

Music is fun, something to unite people and to enjoy but can also be used for subversion, to challenge assumptions and the status quo. Fiction, of course, can do the same, even erotic and romantic stories. That is something I like to read and write, which in part relates to my preference for science fiction.

So, having said all that my story in Who Thrilled Cock Robin is a fun story of a woman getting together with two strangers men for a threesome, only to find that the guys are into each other too. How sexy would that be?

It’s the last day of Broadstairs Folk Week already and I’ve not managed to tell you about all the stories in the Who Thrilled Cock Robin anthology, so I will keep this theme going for a few more days until I have covered the whole book. 8 stories  in print or ebook.

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Greedy Girl Erotica by Aishling Morgan

Oh My Darling Clementine… is the song inspiration for some contemporary explicit greedy girl action.

Aishling describes the scene in delicious sexy detail and it is a total turn on for the accidental voyeur (and for me).

One of the the things I like about the story is it makes clear and emphasises that this is not a young woman being used and degraded by the three men surrounding her; she orchestrates the party because it is what she enjoys.

It is is not a story of a submissive female, quite the opposite. She likes sucking cocks, spunk and bukkake, she wants to indulge in as much as she can get with a bunch of work men! Good for her I say.

The story is in Who Thrilled Cock Robin an anthology inspired by folk songs, which is the subject of my blog posts every day this week.

Yesterday I met up with the anthology’s editor Sallyanne Rogers at Broadstairs Folk Week. I was saying to her how thrilled I was that my story is in print in the same volume as stories by some of the best writers of erotica, people who have been writing in the genre for decades, with many book titles to their name. I was thinking of Aishling among others.

If you only had one book of erotic short stories on you bookcase this would be one to buy and keep.

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Heer Halewijn or Lady Isobel and the Elf Kight, a song or an erotic story by Elizabeth Coldwell

Heer Halewijn ballad dates back to the thirteenth century but elements of the story are much older (around seventh century).

It is also the subject of Elizabeth Coldwell’s story in the Who Thrilled Cock Robin anthology.

She is a full time writer and prolific short story writer, her words have appeared in many printed anthology collections. I first met her in the early 1990s, we were both interested in erotica and related issues back then, and she was the editor for Forum. Do you remember that?

I asked her a few questions:

 What was the last folk festival you went to?
I’m not a great festival attendee, but I was on the Isle of Man 13 or 14 years ago and our visit
coincided with their annual Yn Chruinnaght Celtic folk festival. It features music from Scotland,
Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, Brittany and the Isle of Man and is a great way of bringing unfamiliar
music to a new audience. You’d randomly walk into a pub and someone would be playing a pipe and
fiddle, which was a bit odd. But we did enjoy the performance of a Breton band called Kroazhent,
who were entertaining everyone in the Ramsey shopping centre with their lively dance tunes.

 Do you dance?
I move my feet in time to music – I don’t know whether you’d class it as dancing.

 If you could be an instrument what would it be and why?
A violin – you’d need a lot of practice to master me.

 Have you ever been to Broadstairs?
Never. The only place I’ve visited on the Kent coast is Whitstable, which I’d recommend if you like
your oysters and other seafood.

 Do you have any other books/ stories about folk songs/ folk music – if so what is it and where can
 we buy it?
My story in Who Thrilled Cock Robin?, Halewijn’s Song, is my first foray into the world of folk
music. Any other stories I’ve written about music have involved classical, rock and most recently
opera (Maestro, available from Totally Bound at, but I
wouldn’t rule out using folk tunes as inspiration in future. That’s the beauty of music – there are
so many different types for people to enjoy.

Where else would you find fiction by Elizabeth Coldwell?

Indeed there are and so many different ways of interpreting songs for a story. More about the very diverse range of stories in Who Thrilled Cock Robin later this week on my blog.

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“Spring in My Step” or the Morris Dancing Romance Story

I spoke with the author of the romantic (and sexy) novella set in the world of morris dancers, Sallyanne Rogers, she also edited Who Thrilled Cock Robin.

Spring in My Step is a classic romance story and you don’t need to be a morris dancer to identify with the themes within it. Modern young people verses old fashioned sexism. Men who can dance are sexy.

It sits well on the book shelf next to Bridget Jones and the Chick-lit, yes there’s sex in it but not to the extent that you need to hide it under the bed.

How did you come to write a book about characters who are Morris Dancers?
Quite early on in my Morris-dancing – well, not ‘career’, you don’t get paid for it – ‘life’ would perhaps be a better word, I was sitting in a pub with a non-folky pal. He had rather failed to see the appeal of the folk world, particularly for someone like me, and tended to come out with comments about it being ‘respectable’ and ‘Middle England’ and ‘You’ll be reading the Daily Mail next.’
‘But they’re more full-on than we are!’ I yelped through the fog of my hangover. ‘All this lot can drink me under the table and they’ve all slept with each other’s husbands and wives and all sorts!’
My Morris pals are all lovely and many of them are (at least, these days) happily married and bringing up their families and all the rest of it. However, the hedonistic misbehaviour of many folkies is pretty much legendary and that’s just the way it should be.
So it’s not that startling that I wrote an erotic novel about Morris dancers. In fact, Marshall Coombs beat me to it  by a couple of months. And it wouldn’t surprise me if there end up being a few more – I certainly have a few more ideas.

I asked her about the inspiration for the anthology:

It was a while after I wrote Spring In My Step that I had the idea of putting together a folk-music-themed anthology.

Folk music, after all, is the music of the people, and people of all sorts have always been predominantly concerned with sex. And death, but doing an anthology of horror stories with a folk theme is… Hmm. Something to consider for another time.

I must as always give credit to Slave Nano for being the first to say ‘Someone should do an erotica anthology about folk songs’, as it was during a chat we had at Smut Manchester. that Who Thrilled Cock Robin became my next project.

Nano, along with Helen, Janine Ashbless, Peter Birch AKA Aishling Morgan and others, are featured in the book, which is loads of fun, very diverse indeed and (even though I’m the editor and I would say that, wouldn’t I?) has something for nearly every taste both literary and musically.

So if you are going to Broadstairs Folk Week, bear in mind the possibility of getting involved in something naughty but nice while you’re there. You might even find me propping up a bar somewhere with a bag of books…
Sallyanne is well and truly a member of folk music community, travels and camps at many festivals. She can drink me under the table. She finds men who can/do dance dead sexy.
Spring in My Step is 110 page novella available in print and as an ebook.
Who Thrilled Cock Robin contains 8 diverse short stories and is 98 pages, avaible in print and as an ebook.
More folk song inspired blogging with 24 hours or so.
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“Lord Bateman” a story inspired by the song, Child Ballad 53

The erotic writer Slave Nano contributed a good old fashioned sweet love story to the who Thrilled Cock Robin anthology, which contains no BDSM or other weirdness, he is keen to point out. Because he does often write about weirdness, but not this time.

Speaking of time, the story is set at the time of the crusades. The knight, Lord Bateman is imprisoned in Turkey but as he shares stories with the Sultan’s daughter they fall in love. I met Nano at a writing event earlier this year where he was running a workshop about writing historical fiction, with a history degree he is very aware of the need for accurate detail.

I’m always interested in knowing something about the people who write the stories and these are some of the things I can tell you about Slave Nano:

  • Folk music?

He listens to it a lot and I have heard that he was one of the key people who encouraged Sallyanne to get the anthology together.

“I’m a big fan of Jim Moray.” You can read more about how Jim Moray’s music inspires this author on Slave Nano’s website/blog.

  • Have you ever been to Broadstairs?

“I was brought up in Kent, so my childhood holidays and day trips were taken in Broadstairs and Margate. My story in Smut by the Sea vol.1, although set in Bridlington, was also inspired by Morelli’s the ice cream parlour in Broadstairs, of which I have fond memories!”


In about 24 hours time I will post a a blog about another of the stories in the anthology.

You can buy the book Who Thrilled Cock Robin (ed Sallyanne Rogers)

at Or Or other retails NB it is available in print and ebook.

AND You can read my interview with Janine Ashbless who also contributed a story to the anthology, inspired by Child Ballad 32 King Henry : HERE.

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More Meat a story inspired by Child Ballad 32: King Henry

I was lucky enough to talk with the author Janine Ashbless about her story published in a recent anthology inspired by folk music.

I think of Janine as someone who writes primarily in the fantasy sub-genre of erotica, or should that be the erotica sub-genre of fantasy? And when I say fantasy I’m including classical Greek monsters and contemporary paranormal.

Where did you get the idea for More Meat from? I asked.

Janine answered this and my other questions:

More Meat, is based on Child Ballad 32: King Henry. It’s a terrific song – spooky and threatening and erotic. King Henry does his very best to satisfy the demands of a terrifying female witch/ghost, up to and including having sex with her. It all works out well in the end of course …  I first heard the Steeleye Span version *mumble mumble* years ago, and it was love at first listen. I set my version of the story in the reign of King Henry I, during his invasion of Normandy in 1106.”

1. What was the last folk festival you went to? I’ve been going to Cropredy on and off for nearly twenty-five years now.  Blimey, where does the time go?

2. What is your favourite type of folk music? I’m listening to the You Are Wolf CD  ‘Hawk to the Hunting Gone’ at the moment while I drive. I love Frank Turner’s ‘England Keep my Bones’ album, which is just about folk although it also reminds me (pleasantly) of The Alarm.

3. Do you dance?
No! I’m a klutz.

4. If you could be an instrument what would it be and why?
Hmm … should I make some joke about drums and a Good Loud Banging? Probably better not …!

5. Do do you have any other books/ stories about folk songs/ folk music – if so what is it and where can we buy it?
My battling magicians story “White as any Milk, Black as any Silk” (based on Child ballad 44) appears in my first collection “Cruel Enchantment“. My third collection “Fierce Enchantments” includes another creepy ghostly tale, “At Ushers Well,” based on Child Ballad 79. Find all my fantasy and paranormal erotica books on Amazon!

Thank you Janine.

I loved reading this story.

i will post a blog about another story in Who Thrilled Cock Robin (anthology inspired by folk songs) in approx 24 hours or so.

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