More Meat a story inspired by Child Ballad 32: King Henry

I was lucky enough to talk with the author Janine Ashbless about her story published in a recent anthology inspired by folk music.

I think of Janine as someone who writes primarily in the fantasy sub-genre of erotica, or should that be the erotica sub-genre of fantasy? And when I say fantasy I’m including classical Greek monsters and contemporary paranormal.

Where did you get the idea for More Meat from? I asked.

Janine answered this and my other questions:

More Meat, is based on Child Ballad 32: King Henry. It’s a terrific song – spooky and threatening and erotic. King Henry does his very best to satisfy the demands of a terrifying female witch/ghost, up to and including having sex with her. It all works out well in the end of course …  I first heard the Steeleye Span version *mumble mumble* years ago, and it was love at first listen. I set my version of the story in the reign of King Henry I, during his invasion of Normandy in 1106.”

1. What was the last folk festival you went to? I’ve been going to Cropredy on and off for nearly twenty-five years now.  Blimey, where does the time go?

2. What is your favourite type of folk music? I’m listening to the You Are Wolf CD  ‘Hawk to the Hunting Gone’ at the moment while I drive. I love Frank Turner’s ‘England Keep my Bones’ album, which is just about folk although it also reminds me (pleasantly) of The Alarm.

3. Do you dance?
No! I’m a klutz.

4. If you could be an instrument what would it be and why?
Hmm … should I make some joke about drums and a Good Loud Banging? Probably better not …!

5. Do do you have any other books/ stories about folk songs/ folk music – if so what is it and where can we buy it?
My battling magicians story “White as any Milk, Black as any Silk” (based on Child ballad 44) appears in my first collection “Cruel Enchantment“. My third collection “Fierce Enchantments” includes another creepy ghostly tale, “At Ushers Well,” based on Child Ballad 79. Find all my fantasy and paranormal erotica books on Amazon!

Thank you Janine.

I loved reading this story.

i will post a blog about another story in Who Thrilled Cock Robin (anthology inspired by folk songs) in approx 24 hours or so.

who thrilled cock robin pic

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