“Lord Bateman” a story inspired by the song, Child Ballad 53

The erotic writer Slave Nano contributed a good old fashioned sweet love story to the who Thrilled Cock Robin anthology, which contains no BDSM or other weirdness, he is keen to point out. Because he does often write about weirdness, but not this time.

Speaking of time, the story is set at the time of the crusades. The knight, Lord Bateman is imprisoned in Turkey but as he shares stories with the Sultan’s daughter they fall in love. I met Nano at a writing event earlier this year where he was running a workshop about writing historical fiction, with a history degree he is very aware of the need for accurate detail.

I’m always interested in knowing something about the people who write the stories and these are some of the things I can tell you about Slave Nano:

  • Folk music?

He listens to it a lot and I have heard that he was one of the key people who encouraged Sallyanne to get the anthology together.

“I’m a big fan of Jim Moray.” You can read more about how Jim Moray’s music inspires this author on Slave Nano’s website/blog.

  • Have you ever been to Broadstairs?

“I was brought up in Kent, so my childhood holidays and day trips were taken in Broadstairs and Margate. My story in Smut by the Sea vol.1, although set in Bridlington, was also inspired by Morelli’s the ice cream parlour in Broadstairs, of which I have fond memories!”


In about 24 hours time I will post a a blog about another of the stories in the anthology.

You can buy the book Who Thrilled Cock Robin (ed Sallyanne Rogers)

at Amazon.com Or Amazon.co.uk Or other retails NB it is available in print and ebook.

AND You can read my interview with Janine Ashbless who also contributed a story to the anthology, inspired by Child Ballad 32 King Henry : HERE.

who thrilled cock robin pic

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