“Spring in My Step” or the Morris Dancing Romance Story

I spoke with the author of the romantic (and sexy) novella set in the world of morris dancers, Sallyanne Rogers, she also edited Who Thrilled Cock Robin.

Spring in My Step is a classic romance story and you don’t need to be a morris dancer to identify with the themes within it. Modern young people verses old fashioned sexism. Men who can dance are sexy.

It sits well on the book shelf next to Bridget Jones and the Chick-lit, yes there’s sex in it but not to the extent that you need to hide it under the bed.

How did you come to write a book about characters who are Morris Dancers?
Quite early on in my Morris-dancing – well, not ‘career’, you don’t get paid for it – ‘life’ would perhaps be a better word, I was sitting in a pub with a non-folky pal. He had rather failed to see the appeal of the folk world, particularly for someone like me, and tended to come out with comments about it being ‘respectable’ and ‘Middle England’ and ‘You’ll be reading the Daily Mail next.’
‘But they’re more full-on than we are!’ I yelped through the fog of my hangover. ‘All this lot can drink me under the table and they’ve all slept with each other’s husbands and wives and all sorts!’
My Morris pals are all lovely and many of them are (at least, these days) happily married and bringing up their families and all the rest of it. However, the hedonistic misbehaviour of many folkies is pretty much legendary and that’s just the way it should be.
So it’s not that startling that I wrote an erotic novel about Morris dancers. In fact, Marshall Coombs beat me to it  by a couple of months. And it wouldn’t surprise me if there end up being a few more – I certainly have a few more ideas.

I asked her about the inspiration for the anthology:

It was a while after I wrote Spring In My Step that I had the idea of putting together a folk-music-themed anthology.

Folk music, after all, is the music of the people, and people of all sorts have always been predominantly concerned with sex. And death, but doing an anthology of horror stories with a folk theme is… Hmm. Something to consider for another time.

I must as always give credit to Slave Nano for being the first to say ‘Someone should do an erotica anthology about folk songs’, as it was during a chat we had at Smut Manchester. that Who Thrilled Cock Robin became my next project.

Nano, along with Helen, Janine Ashbless, Peter Birch AKA Aishling Morgan and others, are featured in the book, which is loads of fun, very diverse indeed and (even though I’m the editor and I would say that, wouldn’t I?) has something for nearly every taste both literary and musically.

So if you are going to Broadstairs Folk Week, bear in mind the possibility of getting involved in something naughty but nice while you’re there. You might even find me propping up a bar somewhere with a bag of books…
Sallyanne is well and truly a member of folk music community, travels and camps at many festivals. She can drink me under the table. She finds men who can/do dance dead sexy.
Spring in My Step is 110 page novella available in print and as an ebook.
Who Thrilled Cock Robin contains 8 diverse short stories and is 98 pages, avaible in print and as an ebook.
More folk song inspired blogging with 24 hours or so.
who thrilled cock robin pic

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