Greedy Girl Erotica by Aishling Morgan

Oh My Darling Clementine… is the song inspiration for some contemporary explicit greedy girl action.

Aishling describes the scene in delicious sexy detail and it is a total turn on for the accidental voyeur (and for me).

One of the the things I like about the story is it makes clear and emphasises that this is not a young woman being used and degraded by the three men surrounding her; she orchestrates the party because it is what she enjoys.

It is is not a story of a submissive female, quite the opposite. She likes sucking cocks, spunk and bukkake, she wants to indulge in as much as she can get with a bunch of work men! Good for her I say.

The story is in Who Thrilled Cock Robin an anthology inspired by folk songs, which is the subject of my blog posts every day this week.

Yesterday I met up with the anthology’s editor Sallyanne Rogers at Broadstairs Folk Week. I was saying to her how thrilled I was that my story is in print in the same volume as stories by some of the best writers of erotica, people who have been writing in the genre for decades, with many book titles to their name. I was thinking of Aishling among others.

If you only had one book of erotic short stories on you bookcase this would be one to buy and keep.

who thrilled cock robin pic

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