Broadstairs Bloke Week inspired by folk song: The Daemon Lover also known as The House Carpenter

I thought I’d turn attention to my own story today. Broadstairs Bloke Week is obviously inspired by the festival in the Kent Town. I knew I wanted to write something contemporary and funny set at a folk music festival.

My story was inspired by (but not based on) The Daemon Lover also known as The House Carpenter, it is not a retelling of this story but picks up on some of the themes: two lovers,  social standing, the carpenter, poverty and free choice.

The song is about a woman who has to choose between her carpenter husband and child or a wealthy lover.


“If I forsake my house carpenter

And come away with thee

What have you got to maintain me upon

And keep me from poverty?”

On the one hand lyrics like these can be about romance, fidelity and ethics but there is a political aspect. Through history poverty frequently motivates people to seek betterment and security through marriage, women have particularly needed to marry for money and often had to sacrifice a lot because of this. It comes down to power and the distribution of wealth and resources…

That brings me on to the subject of folk music.

I like two things:

  • live bands playing lots of instruments, that always impresses me,
  • political songs, folk music has a great tradition of rebellious music.

I attended one of the last ever gigs by  Chumbawamba at Broadstairs Folkweek a few years back and saw the other artists who are part of the same political song writing cooperative, No Masters.

Music is fun, something to unite people and to enjoy but can also be used for subversion, to challenge assumptions and the status quo. Fiction, of course, can do the same, even erotic and romantic stories. That is something I like to read and write, which in part relates to my preference for science fiction.

So, having said all that my story in Who Thrilled Cock Robin is a fun story of a woman getting together with two strangers men for a threesome, only to find that the guys are into each other too. How sexy would that be?

It’s the last day of Broadstairs Folk Week already and I’ve not managed to tell you about all the stories in the Who Thrilled Cock Robin anthology, so I will keep this theme going for a few more days until I have covered the whole book. 8 stories  in print or ebook.

who thrilled cock robin pic

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