Widicombe Woods, a story inspired by a folk song, by Vanessa De Sade

The very first story in Who Thrilled Cock Robin is inspired by the modern song Widicombe Fair by Max Scratchmann and Michael Dyer.

Whilst I was at Broadstairs Folk week the author Vanessa De Sade was at the Edinburgh Festival but she found time to tell me about her story:

A couple of my more theatrical friends had written a traditional folk song about a girl in a wood going out to take her own life rather than be forced into a marriage she didn’t want, and, me being me, immediately saw the erotic possibilities in the triangle. 

Rather than her have a male lover in the wings, I saw her more as a girl’s girl, and hen that made wonder if her groom to be might be someone who also liked his own sex.  Being sufficiently aroused by now (keep your sniggers to yourselves, I’m talking ideas) it wasn’t long before a story was born!

That is exactly the sort of story line that appeals to me too! I like the way she thinks!

Vanessa is an established author of erotica who likes to explore and push boundaries (my kind of writer). You will have no problem finding her fiction in ebook stores.

Her website is: Short Fiction by Vanessa De Sade

This is one of a series of posts about the  stories in Who Thrilled Cock Robin, so look at my previous posts for more and there will be a further two next week.

who thrilled cock robin pic

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