Story inspired by Child Ballad 35 Alison Gross

“The Wyrm” is in the anthology inspired by folk songs Who Thrilled Cock Robin. An eclectic bunch of stories, some contemporary an overtly erotic some set in way back times. The Wyrm is one of the fantasy /paranormal tales.
I asked the author Julia Kaye about how she came to write it:
I’m not a big folk music fan, I stumbled upon the story of Alison Gross (Child Ballad # 35) many years ago, while reading the book Castles by Alan Lee.  I’ve always thought there was something vaguely erotic about it, and eventually wrote the short story “The Wyrm” using it as inspiration.

I may write another story, this one inspired by “Young Beichan,” Child Ballad #53.  It has lots of BDSM potential!

I think there is scope for a sequel to this anthology, a great theme with so much source material for writers to choose from. Tomorrow I will conclude this series of posts on Who Thrilled Cock Robin (available as paperback & ebook).

who thrilled cock robin pic

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