Truth is, I always wanted to be a dictator

I’m not writing a blog today, I’m speaking it! I’ve just downloaded Dragon Naturally after it was recommended by many writers.

You’d think dictating your words directly without having to type them would be so much easier, the words would just flow but I’m not finding that. I think it’s because typing is slower than speaking, it probably engages a different part of the brain, and the process of typing gives me time to think about what is coming next.

On the other hand, it’s probably more likely to be simply that I’m just getting used to this new way of working and I absolutely love it. I’ve only just started using Dragon I’m less than 12 hours in.

By the wonder of this simple technology I have simply spoken these words and they’ve appeared in this WordPress page but I’m going to edit it the old-fashioned with my keyboard and my fingers I like to use my fingers sometimes.

One problem is that there is now a Dragon toolbar at the top of the screen sitting on top of some of my tabs in chrome, it’s getting in my way. Perhaps I get used to it, or open less tabs and more new windows. Or, if anyone with experience of using Dragon Naturally Version 13 has a different solution I’d be pleased to hear.

I thought I’d add some more information about my use of the Dragon. I’m using Dragon premium version 13 and I’ve downloaded the Dragon microphone app to my phone so that I can use my phone as a microphone.

More useful though, and the bit I’m really excited about, is downloading the Dragon Recorder App. I can use this to record something on my phone, anywhere I happen to be, then download it to my computer and have it transcribed before my very eyes. How useful and amazing is that! How have I lived this long without using such a thing?

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