Beta readers wanted for Erotic Science Fiction Dystopian novel 52k words

The Beach by Helen J Perry

If is a science fiction, dystopia M/F erotic romance set in a corrupt Matriarchal future society.  Part of a universe/series.

Beta reader?

I don’t need a massive essay back and I don’t need a big critique of my writing (though I am happy to receive any advice you want to throw at me). I am getting those things elsewhere.

What I really want to know is:

  • if the story works, as it is a cross over between Dystopia SF and erotic romance,
  • if you feel you want to stop reading as you don’t like it at what point does this happen and why,
  • Does it make sense as i create this world through the book, many questions remain unanswered until the sequel, so do you have enough information. Note, there is a sequel but this is a whole story in itself without ending on a cliffhanger.
  • Finally, what do you think of the characters.
  • Do you normally read romance? Speculative fiction/ science fiction? Or both? Tell me if either genre is new to you.

What’s In it For You?
Hopefully you will love the book and enjoy reading it because I can’t afford to pay you. When it is finally published I can send you the final version and I can thank you within its covers. That’s it.


The Beach by Helen J Perry

Genre & Brief Overview

A science fiction, dystopia M/F erotic romance set in a corrupt Matriarchal future society.  

Part of a universe/series.

Here is the blurb:


Mia is a deviant because she lusts after men in an asexual Matriarchal society; men are a tiny minority and almost extinct.

She satisfies her primitive urges in the West Beach Brothel but fears discovery would end her promising career in science.

Her work could change the world for the better but her high profile new project could be   compromised by her sexuality.

She is driven to distraction by her desire for one man.

He is a sweet talking charmer, romantic and sexy but is he ever sincere?

Can there be a real relationship when men are forced to live apart from women?

Anything else to know?

It is currently written in British English.

Want to do it? Please email me at and let me know what format you prefer.

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