I need to watch my language – Bum or Ass?

I am English, I speak and write in British English but over the years that my words (under various names) have been published the vast majority of my readers have been on the other side of the big pond.

I know I need to be writing in their language not mine.

No more mum, colour, tyres, litres, or metres. I realise they believe I spelt that wrong too. REALIZE!

Whilst I am learning a new version of English I must also stop using that word. WHILE just isn’t quite the same to me.

Readers & writers of erotica are well aware of the underwear problem. Bra’s are universal. But when we come on to words like pants and knickers (perfectly acceptable in the UK, we need to change them to what? Panties doesn’t sound correct to my ears, it sounds a silly childish word. And what are men wearing under their American trousers (I can’t call trousers pants)?

I think it is easier if they all go commando.

Let me tell you what Adria Kane said about my bum

not my actual buttocks or arse (arse, we say that in the UK).

But my use of the word bum in an erotic scene (to be published soon, with or without the bum).

Whilst taking a look at my  unpublished masterpiece, Adria highlighted the offending word and wrote:

“this is a kids word. Sorry ass or something, anything!”

My English friends will vouch for me BUM is the word we’d use, as in, “what a sexy bum. smack that bum, I want to cover your bum in yellow custard and lick it clean….”

Ass, on the other hand, is a donkey, a jackass, a fool. Malvolio springs to mind. It is also a word we hear on American films in a way that sounds entirely foreign to my ears.

Nevertheless, Adria Kane is right. Thank you, you are an ACE writing pal.

I need to write in the language of the reader and overwhelmingly my readers, like Adria, are not British.


If anyone else would like to volunteer as a beta reader and has the time to read some (at least 13k words) or all of it in the next 7 days email or leave a message here (approx 50k words) for my SF romance see my last blog.

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