Editing for fiction writers and other books

Just got me some new books. 🙂

First off my facebook friend Ian Smith recommended Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. Ian is an avid reader, excellent writer, beta reader and amazing proofreader among other things, so his recommendations are worth taking seriously.

editing for fiction writers & other books

The other stuff?

I don’t just read romance smut and filth. In fact, that is just a small part of my diet.

I’ve enjoyed other funny YA fiction by David Levithan and this book Every Day sounds interesting.

The world that emerges after the virus is the subject of Station Eleven. I had to get at and see how that subject is tackled in this best seller as The world that emerges after the virus could describe my forthcoming novel… very soon … next week… watch this space! And another best seller,

The Martian. I like the premise. I’m also attracted by the fact it is described as funny. I do like funny.

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