West Beach & The Matriarchal Society – Where does it come from?

I wrote the story that is now published as the Deviant in November 2014 as part of nano month. I did no planning of the story and did not even think up the characters of Mia until 1st November!

Rayfe already existed, as did his roommates Paul, Jay and Zander, as I was more than halfway through writing the story that will be published next. Set at the same time, in the same universe, Arrival should finally be finished this month!

The world that I’m writing about in these stories has existed in my mind for much longer, for a few years.

How Did I think Up West Beach?

WB was dreamt up in my erotic fantasies and I’ve worked on it over time.

  • A brothel for women.
  • Where women can have any need met or kink serviced by willing men. Men who are both eager and enthusiastic.
  • A brothel because after all the sex is done, we women can walk away. I like fantasies that involve sex between strangers with no ongoing relationship (as you will see in my published erotica shorts).
  • When I’m enjoying this fantasy all my favourite fantasy men are there ready to do whatever with me! How I’d love to cast the actors for the film!

I took this part of my erotic fantasies and worked on it in the series of novel s and short stories that are (to come) under the umbrella of Matriarchy and Corruption.

Note: I’ve written loads in this world and it is unpublished as the moment, safely saved on google drive!

How Did West Beach – the brothel – end up in the Matriarchy, 75 years in the future?

There are quite a few complex reasons, hard to say which is the most important and I’m not going to explain in too much detail. Here is the list, make of it what you will. Or leave a comment if you want to know more.

  • I like Sci-Fi perhaps it’s obvious,
  • It will not be obvious at all, but John Carpenter’s film Ghosts of Mars played some part in my inspiration.
  • I frequently ask myself What If… things ere the opposite. What if we had matriarchy instead of patriarchy? What if heterosexuality was taboo instead of normal? What if our species became infertile? What would the end of the world be like…
  • I’ve always been a radical! I like to question and challenge our fundamental assumptions about the world we live in. A fictional, future dystopian society can permit ways to explore real issues in our own society.
  • Many philosophers have argued that our ideas about the world we live in are not based on facts, but we learn the dominant ideas of our time through education, friends and family, the media, etc. And we come to accept these opinions as facts.
  • What if…?

More about the book, Deviant by H J Perry in future blogs.

It is 48,000 words.

You can read it now by buying the Kindle version (free to read as part of Kindle Unlimited): Click  here:  myBook.to/TheDeviant

or order a print version from Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Deviant-Forbidden-Apocalyptic-Matriarchy-Corruption/dp/1505360617

Print Amazon.co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Deviant-Forbidden-Apocalyptic-Matriarchy-Corruption/dp/1505360617/

I hope you enjoy reading it and will want to return for more about this world.

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