Free SF Erotica Short Story The Boxes by H J Perry & Adria Kane

I’m pleased to let you know you can try out some of my writing for free on any e-reader as  The Boxes is FREE. Links below.

The Boxes Erotica Short

In this book we describe a place where women pay for sexual satisfaction. Fast and Efficient.

The place and service we describe in this book does not exist. But it could.

An entrepreneur could set it up in no time.

Giving it the label SF will put off many readers, who think of aliens, machines and time travel.


Speculative Fiction

It about what the future could hold even it these things don’t exist now.

In the same way, Science Fiction can (and often does) become science reality.

Less than 100 years ago computers, iphones and the internet were science fiction.

Adria and I both like to think outside the box and we read and write SF as well as other stuff.

The Boxes on Amazon FREE here:

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The Boxes at Apple ibooks/ itunes:

I could imagine a place very similar to this existing in The Capital of the Matriarchy….

the boxes plain cover

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