One month on how many words have i done?

After promising myself I’m going to monitor my output of good words of fiction I have failed to do so.

I could list the reasons and excuses, but lets focus on the constructive:

I have finished and published At Last, a gay contemporary erotic short romance.

  • It was already partly written and is 14,000 words.

I have finished and published my first novel, Deviant.

  • Some people call 48,000 words a novel and Deviant is a complete story in itself, but I think of it as a part of a bigger work. The next part is what I’m working on now.

I have learnt to use scrivener in the past few days to make working on my next novel much easier.  According to Scriverner my current work (The Arrival)  is at 28,948. I think I may have roughly 20,000 words more to write. But I also know some of what is down is a very rough first draft so can’t count all those 29k as being ‘good’ words.

  • I’ve said it before, but I am going to monitor and record my output in raw words this week. And I’ll report back.

I intend to focus exclusively on The Arrival, which is part two of my series of Forbidden love set in a Matriarchal dystopia.

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