Month: November 2015

M/M romance in Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia

Arrival is available at a ridiculously low preorder price of just $0.99 here:

Get it delivered to your kindle on 30th Movember 2015.

What’s it about?

Seven decades after the pandemic that changed us forever, the population is still teetering on the brink of extinction. Most people are infertile, and male babies are rare. Adult males are generally impotent and lethargic, a consequence altered DNA.
Men and women live in entirely separate asexual communities.
Does the Matriarchal society work in the interests of all citizens?

A minority of people still crave physical, sexual pleasure. The West Beach fertility unit doubles as a brothel for deviants, women who desire men.
Alton and Paul are among the minority of men who are virile.
When Alton leaves his rural male community, he is shocked to discover he is expected to provide sexual services to wealthy women. He can’t do it. He has someone special on his mind.
Alton feels more than brotherly love for his lifelong friend. After five months apart they will be reunited but does Paul feel the same?

Contains hot sexy men getting naked together.

All characters in the book are over 18, and the book contains adult content.

Arrival is approx 40,000 words.
The timeline overlaps with the book “Deviant” ASIN: B01666S2UQ and many of the characters appear in both books.

It is dystopian speculative fiction. M/M romance with a happy ending.

I love to write books in the speculative fiction genre. Asking What if thingere were just a little different. So in the Matriarchy & Corruption series I’m wondering

What if

  • Women women who wanted sex with men had to visit a brothel and pay for it?
  • What if sexuality was taboo, as if it were a primitive instinct?
  • What if men were rare. Would society look after them as if they were special?
  • If a matriarchal society replaced what we know what would happen?
  • What would life be like many decades after a pandemic that wiped out most of the population (more than 99%)?

I love science fiction and related adventure stories, such as Star Wars and the Aliens and Riddick films. With these in mind, I am writing…

December will see the launch of “Slave Wars” (provisional date 11th Dec 2015). Alpha warrior heroes, nerdy scientists, sex crazy aliens. Everything I want to read in an M/M romance.

How Vegan Lunch At Nano write-in in Margate Inspires my Sci Fi M/M Slash Fic

Had the most delicious vegan salad at Turner Contemporary on Saturday – see pic below.

And got about 4,000 words done toward my Nano story.

I’m writing a fairly simple gay romance in a space opera (think Star Wars, Star Trek) setting.

Man meets man. They get on, they fall out. There is conflict, drama, slimy green aliens and then it all works out in the end.

So how does vegan lunch fit in?

Another theme in my story is the What If question.

On Earth, we elevate humans above all other species. The rest of them can be owned as private property, bought and sold for entertainment and eaten.

What If

Humans were part of something bigger.

If we met other species from other planets how would we interact with them. Is it OK to regard them (& enslave them) as we do animals?

In most of the literature as far as I can tell the modern way of explaining why we are diffierent (better) than animals is because of how we use our brain to reason.

There is no doubt that many other mammals are sentient.

Extrapolate from this that human’s attitude about how we treat other species is not based on how those animals can suffer physically or emotionally it is more or less based on our how they compare to the average IQ of our own species. Throw aliens into the mix, with different average IQs, lifestyles, values, instincts, etc. There is loads to think about.

It might not all come out in just this one story but that is the big issue in the universe that I am writing about.

And lunch looked like this. BTW, their daily soup is also always vegan.

hjperry vegan lunch

P.S. I’m far from unique in thinking about this What if Question. The film Avatar and vegan director Janes Cameron spring to mind.

6th day of Nano & I got Deviant Book Bags

I’m slowly just chipping away at my nano project might break 4,000 words today, which would put me way behind if I’m working linear.

I’m not. I’ve done more words this week on other fiction projects.

Tomorrow I’m going to an all day write in. Expect to get some serious words done on the nano story, which I only planned out for the first two days.

One of my writing interruptions today was to take delivery of some Deviant Book Bags. Who wouldn’t want one?

FullSizeRender (1)

nano 2013 day 3 begins

Yesterday did inline edits for a reallly fun story that I wrote ages ago. Publisher has asked for another sex scene. If there is one way to improve my M/F/M/M orgy short it is with one more sex scene! Definitely! Plan to write that today.

This morning I talked through my Nano Story with DH. I am calling it Jax at the moment but may change that.

Today’s plan for nano: Get my hand written plan into scrivener with 20 cards, one for each chapter AND get some words done on that.

Will there still be time left to work on Arrival?

Day 1 Nano 2015 Stay Calm!

I like to enter the spirit of things and as I see it NANOWRIMO is not just about 50,000 words in a month but is about freeing your mind from baggage and starting on a new project.

I so hoped to finish the story I have been working on in October, but haven’t. What’s more, I was working on the same story last October!

Last year I put this story (Arrival) on hold and wrote a new story in that universe. I didn’t have the story in my mind beforehand, but I knew the universe very well (a future post-apocalyptic world under a corrupt matriarchy), The male character already existed in Arrival, but I needed to create a female love interest for him and develop their story. I did the whole thing in a month. Not just the writing but also working out the story.

This year in November I want to do the same thing, i.e. story from scratch, but not in that world. I need a break from it and want to write different Sci-fi romance.

I have at this point only a small idea in my mind – nothing in writing. The two romantic male characters (along with their work colleagues/friends/ backstory) have lived in my head for almost 1 year, I have a rough idea of their backgrounds, how they meet, what they look like, jobs, and the bad things that might happen to them in this story.

But really what I have is tiny. If you could take a piece of paper and fold it 7 times. What I have could be written on the folded paper in the passive voice.

Now I’m torn between finishing Arrival and doing this new Nano story and i’m wondering if I can do both.

On top of that i have a couple of short stories (2 of about 10,000 words each) in my head begging to be written.

Last year I started my Nano story on 2nd Nov. I got the job done. It is now published as “Deviant” I edited to a first finished draft by mid-January, had a few rejections with good feedback. I rewrote it again and self-published it in October.

So Here’s my plan for today at least:

  1. Go to shop, buy coffee (no. 1 priority)
  2. Using Dragon dictation software to get words down. today I just want to plan my Nano Book. Might contribute nothing to the word count. It has no title so I must think of a working title.
  3. Watch film Stars Wars IV with all the family 🙂

The resources I will be using to help my planning are:

Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing: Revised Edition [Kindle Edition]

Libbie Hawker


Writing Faster FTW [Kindle Edition]

L.A. Witt , Lauren Gallagher


I will be using scrivener.

There’s a whole lot of other stuff I want to do too if time allows.


  • I got to go over edits for a story accepted by a publisher.
  • I want to read other people’s fiction.
  • I’m on scribophile and want to read/critique some draft fiction there.

Reading definitely helps me become a better writer.