Day 1 Nano 2015 Stay Calm!

I like to enter the spirit of things and as I see it NANOWRIMO is not just about 50,000 words in a month but is about freeing your mind from baggage and starting on a new project.

I so hoped to finish the story I have been working on in October, but haven’t. What’s more, I was working on the same story last October!

Last year I put this story (Arrival) on hold and wrote a new story in that universe. I didn’t have the story in my mind beforehand, but I knew the universe very well (a future post-apocalyptic world under a corrupt matriarchy), The male character already existed in Arrival, but I needed to create a female love interest for him and develop their story. I did the whole thing in a month. Not just the writing but also working out the story.

This year in November I want to do the same thing, i.e. story from scratch, but not in that world. I need a break from it and want to write different Sci-fi romance.

I have at this point only a small idea in my mind – nothing in writing. The two romantic male characters (along with their work colleagues/friends/ backstory) have lived in my head for almost 1 year, I have a rough idea of their backgrounds, how they meet, what they look like, jobs, and the bad things that might happen to them in this story.

But really what I have is tiny. If you could take a piece of paper and fold it 7 times. What I have could be written on the folded paper in the passive voice.

Now I’m torn between finishing Arrival and doing this new Nano story and i’m wondering if I can do both.

On top of that i have a couple of short stories (2 of about 10,000 words each) in my head begging to be written.

Last year I started my Nano story on 2nd Nov. I got the job done. It is now published as “Deviant” I edited to a first finished draft by mid-January, had a few rejections with good feedback. I rewrote it again and self-published it in October.

So Here’s my plan for today at least:

  1. Go to shop, buy coffee (no. 1 priority)
  2. Using Dragon dictation software to get words down. today I just want to plan my Nano Book. Might contribute nothing to the word count. It has no title so I must think of a working title.
  3. Watch film Stars Wars IV with all the family 🙂

The resources I will be using to help my planning are:

Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing: Revised Edition [Kindle Edition]

Libbie Hawker


Writing Faster FTW [Kindle Edition]

L.A. Witt , Lauren Gallagher


I will be using scrivener.

There’s a whole lot of other stuff I want to do too if time allows.


  • I got to go over edits for a story accepted by a publisher.
  • I want to read other people’s fiction.
  • I’m on scribophile and want to read/critique some draft fiction there.

Reading definitely helps me become a better writer.

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