How Vegan Lunch At Nano write-in in Margate Inspires my Sci Fi M/M Slash Fic

Had the most delicious vegan salad at Turner Contemporary on Saturday – see pic below.

And got about 4,000 words done toward my Nano story.

I’m writing a fairly simple gay romance in a space opera (think Star Wars, Star Trek) setting.

Man meets man. They get on, they fall out. There is conflict, drama, slimy green aliens and then it all works out in the end.

So how does vegan lunch fit in?

Another theme in my story is the What If question.

On Earth, we elevate humans above all other species. The rest of them can be owned as private property, bought and sold for entertainment and eaten.

What If

Humans were part of something bigger.

If we met other species from other planets how would we interact with them. Is it OK to regard them (& enslave them) as we do animals?

In most of the literature as far as I can tell the modern way of explaining why we are diffierent (better) than animals is because of how we use our brain to reason.

There is no doubt that many other mammals are sentient.

Extrapolate from this that human’s attitude about how we treat other species is not based on how those animals can suffer physically or emotionally it is more or less based on our how they compare to the average IQ of our own species. Throw aliens into the mix, with different average IQs, lifestyles, values, instincts, etc. There is loads to think about.

It might not all come out in just this one story but that is the big issue in the universe that I am writing about.

And lunch looked like this. BTW, their daily soup is also always vegan.

hjperry vegan lunch

P.S. I’m far from unique in thinking about this What if Question. The film Avatar and vegan director Janes Cameron spring to mind.

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