H J Perry’s M/M on the Rainbow Shelf book List

I subscribed to The Rainbow Shelf weekly newsletter a few weeks back and have discovered some terrific M/M books. Books on the list are $2.99 or less so mostly worth a look. Many, but not all, are in Kindle Unlimited.

My M/M novella, Arrival is on the list this week. New readers may discover my Matriarchy & Corruption series but might not discover that I’ve also written erotica and short stories as I have used my full name for one set of publications and initials for the other. myBook.to/Arrival

Desert Flood

Desert Flood



I’m currently writing more longer stories and my Works In Progress are all either M/M or science fiction or both. I plan to publish these as romance novels & novellas in 2016 so I thought the different name of the cover would be a simple way to separate them from the shorter stories.

I have ideas for book three and four in the Matriarchy & Corruption series but would love to hear more from readers before I publish book 3 in 2016.

Of course, At Last is a short sexy M/M quick read of just over 13,000 words. myBook.to/AtLast

MM young blue At Last first gay love

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