Great start to new year ~ watched Sci Fi film interstellar

I’ve seen the latest Star Wars film 3 times and am sure to see it a few more times within the next couple of years. SW is fun with action, adventure and the very best music – thank you, John Williams.

But why had I not seen Interstellar sooner? I loved this film. And Hans Zimmer did a great job, it didn’t sound anything like his music for Gladiator or Pirates of the Caribbean.

I’d like to write stuff like this. A story that is both hard sci-fi and totally accessible, along with an amazing human story, such as motives for the greater good contrasting with caring for an immediate family.

In Interstellar we have a number of separate characters who spend many years alone, isolated and fully believing they will never see anyone again. What a thought! It was the same powerful idea that made the greatest lasting impression on me when I watched I Am Legend.

Happy new year every one.

Now, back to writing fiction…



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