Arrival M/M dystopian spec fic

Dystopian speculative fiction isn’t for everyone mix in a large dose of MM gay romance and you have yourself a small niche.

Arrival is a novella that is set to appeal to a minority of readers but for those people they are rating it all 5 stars “It’s Amazing” at Goodreads.

If you want to join that small club of spec fic readers arrival is free to read via Kindle Unlimited


it is currently £0.99 or $0.99 on a Kindle Countdown discount deal.

Buy it here:

Desert Flood

Desert Flood


Seven decades after the pandemic that changed the world forever, the population is still teetering on the brink of extinction.
 Alton and Paul are among the minority of men who are virile.
 When Alton leaves his rural male community, he is shocked to discover he is expected to provide sexual services to wealthy women. He can’t do it. He has someone special on his mind.
 Alton feels more than brotherly love for his lifelong friend. After five months apart they will be reunited but does Paul feel the same?
 Men and women live in entirely separate asexual communities, but does the Matriarchy work in the interests of all citizens? Most people are infertile, and male babies are rare. Adult males are generally impotent and lethargic, a consequence of altered DNA. A minority of people still crave physical, sexual pleasure. The West Beach fertility unit doubles as a brothel for deviants, women who desire men.
 Arrival is approx 40,000 words.
This is a standalone book in the series, it is not necessary to read book 1, Deviant.



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