Final draft makes it sound easy…

I’m working on the final draft of Hearts Apart.

It seems that as the whole thing is written, in some sort of draft, pulling the final thing together should be easy.

But it’s not.

Not for me. I shuffle paragraphs around within chapters and across chapters. Question every word and sentence. I’m sure over-thinking the thing.

I need to leave it alone  for a while and reread it.

If the process works, it will be up for preorder at the end of March for $0.99 before going up to $2.99 in April. I can’t tell you how many words the final version will be because I’m still fighting with them, let’s just say it will be at least as long as Streets Apart (32k).

In the meantime. If you enjoyed Streets Apart you might also like Men for Hire 2 (available from all the usual ebookstore in All Romance), a collection of 4 M/M stories. My short story in the collection is about two British young men, a carpenter and a painter.

men for hire 2 book cover


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