Month: May 2016

Football can be inclusive… Next Game Wins

I recently watched Next Game Wins, it is currently on Sky TV in the UK. Fascinating and entertaining documentary about the “world’s worst” National Football team.

The team have the world’s first trans player to ever play in a FIFA qualifying match and it is interesting to discover how the Samoa culture recognises and embraces a third gender, Fa’afafine.

This is an interview with that player and the team coach.

This is the trailer for the film



I totally recommend this film for people who are interested in the world and other cultures, even if you are not a fan of sports or soccer.


Gay sports romance ~ Soccer M/M

My next book is a full-length romantic sports novel. Home Goal by HJ Perry

Is published on Friday. If you need a reminder you could sign up to the LoveLight Press publisher’s email Newsletter, it comes out twice a month.

Home Goal by HJ Perry here’s the BLURB


In the closet…

Career-focused Jason Tant has given up on love to play football at the highest level: his team is in the Premiership, and Jason also plays for the English national team. He doesn’t want to be the poster boy for LGBT people in sport—and his advisors have told him that coming out will ruin his career. It’s not an issue until Scott captures Jason’s heart and turns his world around.

Out and proud…

With a carefree, live-for-today attitude, Scott Cole was never in the closet. Funny, clever, and a terrific dancer, the science student has many talents but the man he loves requires something else—discretion. They seem an unlikely couple but neither can resist the chemistry that draws them together.

Under scrutiny…

Prying paparazzi are everywhere, determined to out gay footballers. Scott questions whether he and Jason need to keep their love a secret when professional British sportsmen in other fields are coming out. Will Jason have to choose between love and his career? Or will the tabloids destroy them both?


An MM romance novel with a happy ever after. The story spans 2012-2015. Set in England where fans would die for their football team and football is not called soccer.
It is 51,000 words.





Gay Football Players in Home Goal M/M romance

Imagine life as the boyfriend of top Premiership Football player. No Public Displays of Affection, no wedding bells, no casual chatting about your b/f, no posting vacation photos of the two of you online.

  • Would you go to the football club end of season dinner?
  • How would it feel watching your boyfriend in the FA cup or playing on the England football team?

It’s now May 2016 and we can count the number of professional OUT GAY male football (soccer) players in the whole world on the fingers of one hand (and still have spare fingers). BTW, that’s out of about 500,000 men.

Even the UK government is holding a Parliamentary investigation into homophobia in sport (inc football) right now – this is true, not part of my story.

This is Scott’s story, in my forthcoming novel HOME GOAL by H J Perry published by LoveLight Press very soon…..homegoalebook.jpg

Get your Banned Dark erotic m/m Books Here

When I hear about banned books it always gets my attention.

Some aren’t published because they are dire – bad stories, badly written, etc. That is not true of Claimed By the Order a Dark M/M erotic novel by J Johanis. I’ve not read the book but it has been highly recommended by others so I bought it today.

I couldn’t buy it from Amazon because they’ve banned it. But there are links on the author’s blog to various other retailers:

Get it now while you can!

Want to know more? Here is a review:


Liam Davis talks to Keegan Hurst ~ Professional, Footballer & Gay

At the time of writing there is only one (semi) professional footballer in England. Liam Davis. He plays in the conference league, in the 6th tier of the football pyramid.

In Earlier this year he spoke to a Rugby player about the barriers more high profile gay footballers may face to prevent them coming out publically.

Although Liam mentions incidents of homophobia from some opposition players, in other interviews he has stressed how supportive his current and previous team have been.