Gay Football Players in Home Goal M/M romance

Imagine life as the boyfriend of top Premiership Football player. No Public Displays of Affection, no wedding bells, no casual chatting about your b/f, no posting vacation photos of the two of you online.

  • Would you go to the football club end of season dinner?
  • How would it feel watching your boyfriend in the FA cup or playing on the England football team?

It’s now May 2016 and we can count the number of professional OUT GAY male football (soccer) players in the whole world on the fingers of one hand (and still have spare fingers). BTW, that’s out of about 500,000 men.

Even the UK government is holding a Parliamentary investigation into homophobia in sport (inc football) right now – this is true, not part of my story.

This is Scott’s story, in my forthcoming novel HOME GOAL by H J Perry published by LoveLight Press very soon…..homegoalebook.jpg

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