Broke my arm ~ Cast off

For various reasons, I had to rearrange my writing. All my WIPs got put on hold. My arm still isn’t up to much but the cast is now off, after I broke it in July.

Instead, I have something new almost ready to publish, expect it mid September. An M/M romance novel of approx 60k, entitled Our Secret Wedding.

This extract might not make the final cut, it’s from my unedited draft but tells you something about the characters:

Our Secret Wedding, read it in mid-September.
Draft unedited extract:
“I’m twenty-nine years old, Lee, and you know that because you’re the same age. I had a good idea of what to expect. But still I’ve been trying to get you undressed and in the bedroom for a week. You must have noticed. You are not going to shock or repel me. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.” Connor stroked Lee’s erection, there was no doubt what “this” he was referring to.
Lee was almost reassured. Scarred by a lifetime surrounded by homophobic comments. His mind hearing echoes of straight men telling him how disgusted they were at the idea of two men touching. It might be disgusting to them, this was Lee’s normal. Not just his normal but his paradise.

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