Month: November 2016

LGBT Christmas Adverts

As I’m working on a gay Christmas story today, I’m thrilled to see Sainsbury has queer families in its 2016 Christmas advert. And other families that reflect our diverse community in the UK.

Readers from around the world might not understand the importance of Christmas advertising. In the UK Christmas is a big deal. Companies shut dow for days – typically TWO WEEKS in construction! And there is big competition among top retailers to produce the best advert of the season.

In 2015 Sainsbury gave us a gay couple in an ad but it wasn’t THE MAIN Christmas advert. Called The Pact, you can watch it here:

The card company Hallmark have also joined the club producing a Christmas ad featuring a gay couple:

The Robert Dyas Christmas advert is a very special example of British humour. I laughed out loud until my stomach hurt when I first saw it, yet I know some people are just confused by it. In that respect, it’s a lot like reading one of my books!

On the subject of advertising, I suppose it’s only right that I tell you I have a new book out in two weeks.


Tread the Boards what’s it all about?

Ben considered himself straight. Hadn’t given a lot of thought to the other options until a few things came together to force him to evaluate his own desires.

He’s a construction worker, a scaffolder with Connor & Lee at Sky High Scaffolds.

I’ve read plenty of reviews for other books and seen comments on articles to tell me that many people believe sexuality is fixed.

  • We were born this way.
  • For some people, that may be true.

There are plenty of other people who’s life follows a different path. They have a sexual awakening, perhaps they change, and sexuality is fluid for some people.

We don’t know why but Ben falls for Tom. Whether Ben is bi, or fluid, or was always gay but didn’t realize until he met the right man, or something else. It does happen.

The stories I write are realistic, based on my experience or the people around me.

Here’s the blurb for Tread the Boards by H J Perry

A feel-good, out-for-you, straight-to-gay romance. Love, at first sight, leads to lots of man-to-man kissing and no angst.

He’s liberal-minded & modern-thinking, but underneath it, all Ben’s shook up when his work colleagues come out. Macho construction workers and gay loving do not go together in his brain. So of course, he can’t stop thinking about it.

Tom is slowly getting over the heartache of his past when he’s swept away by a straight-acting but flirty scaffolder. With enough baggage of his own, should Tom spend time with Ben when he discovers Ben wasn’t acting?

Is it time for Tom to ditch the low paid work, pick up the threads of his life and resume his professional career?

Ben may have always considered himself straight, but his feelings for Tom are very real. How could he tell his family, his friends and his son? Will Ben be forced to choose between the important people in his life? His son and Tom?

A romance story in which people learn more about labels and identities.
A standalone romance novel. Overlapping characters with Our Secret Wedding.
55,000 words.
Set in Britain with (mostly) American spelling.