The gay romance christmas story that isn’t

Where did it all go wrong? The book has stuck to the plot outline. The actual words did their own thing. I never envisaged this book to be so vastly different to any other book that has Christmas in the title ever.

** unlike any other Xmas story **
* there’s no mulled wine, no tree, and no log fire.
* there’s no decorations, no big dinner, and no snow.
* but there is snowballing, strippers, and sexy times a plenty.
And don’t expect Chrismas in this book, either.

And it didn’t start out like that!

Our Secret Christmas is available to buy and thankfully the reviews are good. I’m relieved. I wanted to do right by these lovely characters.


Here’s the blurb:

A feel-good, heartwarming, sexy story unlike any other story that you’ve read with Christmas in the title: be warned.
Christmas is a really big deal in Britain. The parties and preparations begin in November, at the latest.
In the construction industry, Christmas means two weeks off work for Connor and Lee.
Yes, two weeks.
They’ve only been dating since September.
In secret.
They just want to spend the holiday time together, like any other gay guys in love.
Alone and mostly naked.
And we all know the true meaning of Christmas is explaining and justifying to friends and family how you are spending the holiday and who with.

This is another Sky High Scaffolders story, written mostly in British but with American spelling.
An M/M story of 44,000 words. A long novella, not quite long enough to be a novel when size matters.

Our Secret Christmas is a companion to Our Secret Wedding.







  1. I just finished the book. I loved it, not in the least because I’m recovering from a broken arm I broke in similar, but white-collar circumstances (something about walking while reading my Kindle).

    I guess I’ve also just gotten over my problem with reading m/m romances written by women. The concept still rankles me philosophically, no matter what Jamie Fessenden says about the roots of this writing NOT being derived from literary fiction written by gay men in the 1970s, but writing is writing, so thank you again.

    1. So pleased you like Connor & Lee’s story.
      I’m not pretending to write literary fiction.
      I am aiming to write queer-positive, sex-positive, fun fiction that will make the reader feel good and put a smile on our faces for a while.

      At the same time, set in the real world. It could be a true story.

      Light and escapist entertainment. Happy New Year.

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