Month: June 2017

Our Secret Wedding MM audiobook

I’ve been listening to it. It’s almost ready. You’ll be able to buy it from iTunes or Audible in July. It’s 2 books combined Our Secret Wedding and Our Secret Christmas. That’ almost 11 hours and so many sex scenes.

The narrator has done a fantastic job and I’d forgotten I wrote some of this:

“A weekend to remember. We’ll celebrate it in the future as the first time you ever filled me up with your cum.”

Lee exploded with laughter. “I think people celebrate first dates and maybe first weekends away, but first time fucking without a condom?” His eyebrows raised and he was still chuckling.

“Maybe they celebrate, but as it’s a bit private, no one knows.”

“I’ve never seen a celebrating-cum-in-your-butt-card for sale in any shop,” said Lee.

“You can probably order them online….”