1. They never sold well. Arrival had great reviews, people loved it and it received an HM from rainbow awards… but never sold. So, I removed/unpublished them, for now, thinking I may rework them & republish in the future with the added benefit of all I’ve learned since I wrote them. They are post-apoc. Sci-Fi.

      1. HJ —
        Thank you, so very much, for responding to my query!
        I’m sorry I didn’t buy both “Arrival” and “Deviant” when I’d had the chance to do so, earlier. I had them marked to be bought, but ONLY NOW, remembered to go back to them. I’m sorry for that. That, in a way, makes me part of the problem you had with them. Other than these two books, I have bought ALL THE BOOKS YOU DO HAVE on Amazon.
        You’re book series “SHS” (Sky High Scaffolders) was one of the first I’d read when I started reading the m/m genre. They’re such great books, especially for newbies in this genre, because they have a lot of the thought process of someone who newly realizes they like men in a way that’s much more than just good friends and/or realizes that not all men admire the male body as much as they do women’s. (I.E. Connor.)
        The scene between Connor and Lee was priceless! I’m talking about the one in “Our Secret Wedding” where Connor went to see LEE about “knocking gay sex off his bucket-list.” (This was the morning after he’d seen LEE, the night before, in an alleyway with another man.)
        Outside of the fact that it was an hilarious scene, it was fantastic for getting folks to recognize that gay men are not ONLY about sex. THATS ONE SCENE I HAVE ALWAYS REMEMBERED, OVER and OVER, IN THE YEAR SINCE I’VE READ IT.
        Now and then, I do review books. However, I apologize for never having reviewed one of your books. This is something I cannot quite understand except, that maybe, I’d read most of your books at a time when I hadn’t really started regularly reviewing most books I’d finished reading. To do so now, though, would more or less be a mute point. They would just put it at the end of an already long list of your book’s admirers. I know the “numbers” count but, still, it would not be a review that would be read. I hope to remedy this in the future with any new publications you come out with.
        NOW … Back to the original topic …
        I will look forward to reading (and buying) the new editions of both “Arrival” and “Deviant” if you do get around to re-working and/or re-publishing these two books.
        I do love your writing, look forward to much more of your gift in the future and would like you to know … I AM, A TRUE ADMIRER OF YOURS – FOR ALWAYS – MTULIPK

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