Mestra, Erysichthon’s daughter: Inspired Erotica

The ancient Greek Gods were regularly turning people into bird and animals. Sometimes it was as punishment and permanent. Sometimes it was to help the people do something that they could do better in animal form.

I imagine people who found gods interfering in their lives and turning people into animals were a bit miffed about the whole thing.

In the case of Mestra, the daughter of Erysichthon of Thessaly, she was given the ability to shapeshift as a gift from her godly lover. What a present! That would be hard to beat.

Her father was cursed. He was forever hungry and couldn’t stop eating. To buy more food, he saw the opportunity to sell Mestra over and over (promise her as a bride and receive payment, whatever). She had to turn into a bird and fly away from each one of her new men/owners.

Mestra’s story is one of many like it that were at the back of my mind when I wrote the Sons of Olympus Trilogy (especially bk 1, Ravens).


I have paired up with the Queen of historical erotic, Chera Zade to write some short stories inspired by stories like this one. We have ideas for 3 short stories documenting what might have happened to Mestra, only one is complete and published ready for you to read:

Mestra’s Many Men by Helen J Perry & Chera Zade

is a short erotica story of one woman and five friendly men! There is an excerpt and blurb after the cover photo:

600 900 Mestras Many Men Chera Zade

Mestra’s Many MEN MFMMMM erotica:

Mestra’s first and only lover was the God of the sea, Poseidon. He had given her a rare and magical gift, the ability to transform into a bird or animal at will.
Her cursed father, Erysichthon of Thessaly exploited his talented daughter, by selling her several times over. Once he had payment, she would change her form and fly away free.
Mestra’s Many Men imagines what happens to the lady when she ran away from her father and fell into the hands of one of the men she had previously tricked.

He is not alone but has four other men with him. And what’s more, by the good fortune of Tyche, they are all naked.
Erysichthon’s daughter is confident her magical ability will get her out of any unpleasant situation, but this time she doesn’t want to leave. She craves more of the intimate attention that these men bestow on her.

Mestra’s Many Men is historical erotica set in ancient Greece. Approximately 8,000 words. It features group MFMM scenes. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 21.

This book is for mature readers.

As a woman gifted with the ability to shift to animal form, perhaps I was more animal than I realized

Like a wild creature, I remained on my hands and knees while Theo, behind me, coated me with his essence. And my animalistic instinct liked it.

Their action felt ritualistic as if they had claimed me and marked me for their own.

All of them.

Mestra’s Many Men



Who’s swimming with me?” Adras asked as he led the way into the water.

The man swam like a fish and took every opportunity to dive into water wherever he went. We’d sometimes joke that Poseidon protected his family. They had a history of being great fishermen who brought in the biggest catch, and their boats survived every storm.

Already naked, I followed him into the running water. “I don’t want to swim; I’m just going to soak,” I replied. The slow-moving water was pleasantly warm as it lapped around my ankles and calves.

On the stony beach, our three companions were still stripping out of their clothes.

I waded out eager to submerge my dirty, sweaty body, and I didn’t flinch when it tickled the sensitive area at the top of my thighs. “Ah. That’s good,” I said to no one in particular. The other men were all engaged in doing their own thing.

Laughter and splashes soon followed. Theo tore past me heading for the deepest cut of water. Moments later, he dove beneath the water and reappeared behind Adras. There was always fierce but friendly competition between the two brothers.

A glance toward the shore confirmed the other two men were staying aloft in the ankle-deep waters.

Bending my knees, I sank down, letting the swirling water wash over me. Submerged in the river, I scrubbed away the remaining dirty that lingered on my skin. And silently I prayed to the gods to rinse away my troubles too.

By rights, I should be a few days married now with a wife to share my life, my stresses, and my joys.

Alas, the beautiful lady went missing only days ago, shortly before the wedding night, leaving me bewildered and humiliated. No one saw her leave. We searched within the city walls but did not find her.

To this day, I do not know whether Mestra ran away of her own free will or was kidnapped.

Breaking back through the surface of the water my thoughts returned to my companions. Two men swam but the other two splashed about in the shallowest water.

What’s the matter? Can’t you swim? Afraid of the potamoi?” I called back at them.  

I’ve no reason to fear the river gods.” Philippos looked all around, nervously. “It’s what’s on dry land that concerns me. I feel like we’re being watched. And I’m a lot happier staying at the edge so whoever is hiding out of sight can’t sneak off with my clothes.”

I have the same feeling.” Bending down, Grēgorios cupped his hands together to form a bowl with which to scoop up water, he released it over his chest. “If we’re not alone, I can manage without clothes, but I don’t want to be at the wrong end of my weapons.”

While I could hold my own in a fair fight, whatever menace the journey held, we couldn’t be safer than traveling with Grēgorios. He was one of our cities champion warriors who had trained with the Spartans. Fearless and skillful, he was the master of all weapon.

It’s settled then, you two are on guard duty.” Momentarily, I sank again beneath the water. The memories of my lady weren’t swimming away with the fish, so I heaved myself up to seek distraction among the men.

As I cut through the water to the self-appointed lookouts, I eyed the shore and asked, “Did you see anything to give rise to your concern?”

Grēgorios shook his head. “No. Nothing moves.”

Once again Philippos scanned the horizon, turning full circle as he did so. Level headed Philippos was my own older brother. As siblings, we were doubly unfortunate in love. Facing me, he said, “There might be a god or goddess, waiting for us, just out of sight.”



Stepping sideways, I inched closer to the trunk of the tree where I was confident the thick, sturdy timber would hold me.

The journey along the branch proceeded slowly. All the while, my gaze remained fixed firmly on the naked young men bathing in the brook. As they washed themselves clean, I studied every unblemished detail of their fine, muscular bodies and I thanked the gods for my eagle-eyed sight.

As two of them swam, three men splashed about in shallow water, where the river was only knee-deep. Droplets fell from their heads and rolled over their broad shoulders. The glistening beads of water trickled downward until they were caught up decorating body hair.

The man with his broad shouldered-back toward me stooped  splashing water over his torso,

I was helpless. I could only stare at the magnificent view not only of his firm rear thrust out behind him but the man in front of him who’d previously been obstructed.

He was a slender young man, but most definitely a man and not a boy. Even though it was flaccid, his cock nestled among dark curls looked thick and long.

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