Earth (part 1) MMF PNR menage

Malka doesn’t know it, but she’s working toward her reverse harem in book 1 Earth: Elemental Reverse Harem Quartet

EARTH: MMF excerpt (for adult readers only)

I figured if Beck didn’t want me sucking his cock, he’d push me away and give me a better explanation about what was on and off limits when you’re ‘saving yourself’ for sex magic.

When I sat back, the vampire bite looked like a kiss. One intense, lingering, sexy kiss. A kiss between two men in love. I wanted to understand what turned Beck to putty and craving more?

Chemistry like that didn’t spring spontaneously from nowhere. No matter whatever they said about meeting in a gay bar and then letting me believe that nothing much happened, there must have been far more to their story than they’d told me.

Fully dressed, the dark dominant Romanian held the naked, muscular man as if he would never let him get away. The blond Brit’s dick filled the Romanian’s hand.

Opposites attract.

The scene was a hot and erotic tableau.

From now on I wanted my threesomes to always involve guys who liked snogging and holding each other like that. Kissing each other all over wouldn’t go amiss.

They’d already suggested that Varu’s bite was orgasmic, and it was no joke, I saw how much it turned Beck on. His whole body visibly tensed and relaxed as if he were going to come. He must have been close. His diamond hard dick twitched and jerked. His eyes screwed shut, his mouth gaped open, and a blissed-out look took residence on his face.

It looked Hot with a capital H.

It wasn’t just Beck, the way Varu held him so close it appeared the vampire wanted the Water Boy in all ways and not only for his blood.

I felt privileged to view this intimate moment, and not at all self-conscious touching my wet place while I watched them.

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