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  1. Helen I just read My Goal and thought it was amazing. I have gotten more into reading gay fiction and now I wish I had done it years before. Although the theme I am finding is yes it deals with a lot of issues but one that I find lacking is families not accepting a gay child. I am of that group of people. My father tried to kill me because of it. I have several friends and acquaintances that keep requesting I write my story. However, when I started my book a close friend realised some of the more graphic details and felt it might do me more harm than good to write about my life. I would love to write my story but feel I don’t have an objective ear for me. With the way you touched on religion in My Goal I felt you were the only one thus far to even touch on the subject. I would really like your thoughts if you have the time to converse that is.

    Your newest fan


    1. It is lovely to hear from you, Michael.
      My own experience and that of most of my close L&G&B friends in the UK has been mostly good, which is a reflection of the society we live in, but I know that’s not always the case. Not even today in the UK, for some people. I certainly know of people who have fled their families and fear for their lives because they are LGBT in the UK.
      My stories are certainly based on real life and real people. I’m keen to focus on happy and positive experiences and happy endings, even though we don’t always get them in real life.

      There is also an escapist aspect to a lot of upbeat gay fiction and MM-romance. We want to tell stories that are uplifting and how we want them to be rather than some of the less pleasant experiences. BTW, Although I’m not religious, I went to a catholic school. I wonder if you are interested in more gay fiction with a Christian element. I haven’t written any, but I am aware of some and could create a blog page recommending some reading.

      Also, for a very uplifting real life story with a strong Christian element, I’d recommend reading Coming Out to Play by American soccer player Robbie Rogers. It’s fairly short, had me crying, but has such a happy ending.

      If you would like to talk more about life or fiction, feel free to email me at:

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the book and hope you find lots of other books that you like just as much.

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