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Press? Feel free to use & quote what you see here, for anything else, including excerpts please contact me.



Author Bio:  

H J Perry

writes about people and their relationships, in the romance genre. Aliens are people too, right? She loves to write the unexpected, any LGBTQ pairing.and always a happy ending.

And always a happy ending.

HJP’s also a lifelong campaigner around equality, sexual freedom, and anticensorship issues. Inevitably her political views influence her writing.

Helen lives by the English seaside BUT is reluctantly learning to accept having words translated into American for an international audience. Helen lives with her broadminded partner and three children.When her children are at school she is also a non-fiction writer.

As a reader, she particularly keen on fiction with LGBT characters and lots of laughs. She reads about 10 million words of fiction per year most of it is M/M romance, science fiction, or young adult and often a combination of these.

She can be found on the net

  • twitter: @helenjperry


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